Sanitary Fittings

Sanitary Fittings

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Sanitary Fittings

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Wellness continues to be a trend. Comfortable bathing, with the help of electronics, appeals to several senses at the same time and helps you to relax. Now, you can even combine that Spa-sensation with restricted water consumption.

These days, a bathroom is no longer a purely functional room for personal hygiene, it is also a place to relax. Wellness is still a growing business, according to many manufacturers of sanitary fittings. Their response is a growing number of products. Personal comfort and relaxation are brought about by references to nature. Large shower heads create the sensation of tropical rain, square spouts form a wide flow like a mountain stream. showers Viega’s Rotaplex Trio F creates the impression of bathing in a well, as the bathtub fills from the lower section. As the water wells up, the water inlet forms a fascinating star of jets, according to the manufacturer. In order to meet the required hygiene level, the in- and outflow are clearly separated by two different heights. Grohe brings the Rainshower F series. This range features concealed body, head and ceiling showers with a super-flat and minimalist design. The large wall or ceiling mounted head shower is 25cm² and can be combined with one or more body showers. The I.WO, by the Italian brand Hego, has a rather striking design. Its polished stainless steel shower head also functions as a shower tray for your sponge or razor. However, its most unusual feature is that it allows the user to choose between a regular shower or a luxurious waterfall.

taps Dornbracht introduced the wide water flow taps as a reference to natural streams about two years ago in its concept Elemental Spa. The square spout is slowly gaining a permanent place in the market alongside the more traditional round version. Examples of recent models are the Bubbles by Cristina Rubinetterie which combines a wide spout with slightly rounded forms and the MyGod! by IB Rubinetterie with an overall geometric shape. The MyGod! is a tapered block with a visually integrated lever. The wide, square spout transforms the water into a sculptural stream.

lighting LED lights can be widely applied in the bathroom: you can take a shower under a waterfall or step into a bathtub with a colour that matches your mood. Manufacturer Cleopatra offers coloured LED lights with its bathtubs. Two LED lights, built into the sides of the bathtub, can be operated by small touch keys integrated into the edge. According to Cleopatra, the colour can be adjusted according to your needs for a relaxing or more invigorating effect. Coloured light adds a special effect to the water and creates an atmosphere in the bathroom. Colour also has a (positive) influence on your mood. Many manufacturers of sanitary fittings follow the trend and add LED lighting in different colours to their products in the – rather presumptuous – name of chromatherapy.

Fir Italia introduces the Chromo shower head with RGB LEDs integrated into the edges. A waterproof remote allows you to switch the LEDs on and off, control the rotation of the colours and adjust the speed at which the colours change. The Italian firm Visentin produces the 50cm ² ceiling shower Domolight with either white or dynamic coloured LED light. The Rainbow model is a ceiling mounted shower head, lined with a wide semi-transparent illuminated ring. The Rainbow, 43cm in diameter, comes either with static coloured LED light, or with changing LED light for chromatherapy.

Megius’ shower column Waterwall also follows the trend of chromatherapy with two vertical LED strips running the length of the column. Digital soft-touch controls integrated in the column allow you to control the lighting as well as the jets from various blowholes. The Waterwall can be installed as freestanding or mounted against the wall. Hafro’s shower column Etoile also features LED lights and, as with the Waterwall, it can be installed in different ways. Moreover, the Etoile features a radio and a display for the digital controls.

The firm Antonio Lupi has developed the Cromobox. Coloured LED lights, integrated in the steel mountings, illuminate the Duroglass enclosures. The patterns on the glass decorate the doors while filtering the light. The colour can be manually adjusted or change colour according to a set pattern.

steam cabins Steam showers and cabins are the next step in creating a pleasant atmosphere and sensory experiences. On being asked, the firm Cleopatra says it sees an increase in interest for these products. Steam showers and cabins also offer the option to use lighting, music and scent.

Artweger’s Body+Soul steam shower features an integrated radio and a socket to plug in your MP3 player. The speakers and adjustable coloured LED lights are built into the roof element. The seats with backrest, the remote control and the compact steam box are the only elements that have been placed in plain sight. The steam box has an aroma drawer for aromatic oils and herbs. As the name suggests, the Hansaforsenses is another steam shower that appeals to the senses with its separate light, sound and scent modules. The system, manufactured by Hansa offers pre-programmed settings but also allows personal settings to be applied. The Revolution by Carmenta is a cabin that can be used as a regular shower, a (dry) sauna and a steam cabin. It is available in four compact versions, which makes it the perfect option for anyone who wants luxury but does not have a large bathroom. The cabin features LED lights, an iPod docking station and an LCD screen. Carmenta also offers the Matrix as a custom made alternative to the Revolution.

Cleopatra is Another manufacturer that offers made to measure products. A shower is easily transformed into a steam cabin by selecting and combining separate modules, such as a door, a roof, different types of steam generators and shower combinations. Cleopatra also offers a choice of lighting and an essence injection system. Thanks to the modular system, Cleopatra’s concept combines well with any bathroom. As the system fits easily into existing rooms, it is also a good option for renovation projects.

environmentally aware All these waterfall showers and streaming taps may seem to contradict today’s trend to limit the consumption of precious water and energy to heat the water. However, many of the manufacturers are also environmentally aware.

Since the beginning of 2010, all wash basin taps by Hansgrohe and partner brand Axor have been fitted with the so-called EcoSmart aerator which restricts the flow rate to a maximum of 5.7 litres per minute. A ring inside the tap reacts to the water pressure: high pressure causes it to narrow while low pressure makes it expand. EcoSmart technology has also been applied to several of the showers, such as the Raindance, the Croma 100 and the Crometta 85 Green. According to Hansgrohe, the jet stays strong due to the dynamic restriction.

The aforementioned Rainshower F range by Grohe is fitted with the DreamSpray technology which, according to the manufacturer, creates optimal water distribution. This system is well suited to projects that use large quantities of water, says Grohe. The company’s assortment features a number of special editions for hotels, institutions and public buildings. These so-called E-variants of showers, wash basin taps and kitchen taps have a set maximum flow rate of 5.8 litres per minute.

Roca has a very different way to restrict water consumption. The W+W is a two-in-one fixture which collects used water from the wash basin and uses it to flush the toilet. This sanitary fixture does not just save water, it saves space as well. The W+W shows that innovations in sanitary fittings can combine comfort and luxury with intelligence and practicality.

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