Santa Claus village

Santa Claus village

INK Architects

New home for Santa Claus

INK Architects as Architect

This project was chosen as an honorable mention in the architecture competition House of Santa held by Volume Zero. 

About concept

The new home for Santa Claus has to face the challenges of the rapidly-changing world: global warming, Arctic cap melting, pollution, and population growth.

Toy Workshop - New Mission

A toy workshop is a place for creativity rather than production. The elves experiment with materials and prototype to produce sustainably and nature-friendly toy ideas. They make use of new trending technologies, making use of 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines and so on. They also upcycle rubbish to promote recycling and provide new solutions for global pollution.


The new home will be elevated on stilts and columns to minimize the building’s floorplate touching the ground and reducing the land used. The new modular housesfor elves and the guests will be manufactured off-site. Constructing in a factory would also ensure air-tightness of the construction and proper thermal insulation levels. The wood would be used as the primary structural material for the houses, due to its light-weightiness and durability.


Delivering the food might also be difficult and resource-consuming, so Santa’s New Home should have greenhouses to supply the residents with fresh greensand vegetables

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