Shangping Village Regeneration - Shuikou Area

Shangping Village Regeneration - Shuikou Area

3andwich Design / He Wei Studio
Xiyuan Town, Jianning County, Sanming City, Fujian Province, China
Project Year
Jin Weiqi, Ri Yue Lan Cao

Shangping Village Regeneration - Shuikou Area

3andwich Design / He Wei Studio as Architects

Shangping Village was designed under the premise of protection, emphasizing the vernacular, contemporary and artistic nature of the architecture. The design team has used the common way of “repairing old as old”, implanting upgraded industries, complementing tourism service facilities and providing a new economical platform. What’s more, the design team has also designed cultural and creative products, provided business guidance and promotions which could be described as an integral service from conceptual planning to spatial construction, and to tourism products and promotion.

The Shuikou area is the village entrance, as well as for worship activities toancestors and divinities.The existing buildings include the Shezumiao Shrine, the Yang’s Ancestral Temple, a gallery pavilion, a tobacco-curing house and a debris shed.To integrate with the buidlings, an ancient bridge, a magnolia tree, and lotus pondsconstitute the landscape elements.

The Shuikou area is the gateway to the villagewith culturalheritages and landscape elements while in lack of service facilities for tourists.The location of the original gallery pavilionis very important thatit isthe landmark when entering the villageand the conjunction connecting Yang's Ancestral Temple and the Shezumiao Shrine.However,the original pavilion failed to meet these demandsand needed to transform. In addition, it is also vital to integrally re-use the abandoned buildings.

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