Santa Marta

Favela Painting as Artists

Using a flexible concept of colourful rays which can easily be expanded, we made a design for the houses around the square and part of the street, including the local Sambaschool. A group of local inhabitants where instructed by trainers from TintasCoral as part of the project "Tudo de Cor para Santa Marta." They where taught everything from different types of paint to safety measures about working on scaffolding. As every wall, every house needs another solution, the painters learn to work with all kinds of material. During the hard month of work they received an education as well as a paycheck. The inside of the sambaschool was painted in their traditional colors.The final result was a huge artwork spanning over 34 houses .About 7000 square meters of hillside slum, converted into an new monument for the community. It's our goal to attract enough funds to return to Rio later this year to continue working on the project, as our dream has always been to paint an entire hillside favela. This project - which we called - O Morro (lit: the Hill) could turn the community into one of the greatest community driven artworks of our time.

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Maankwartier Noord
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Heerlen, Netherlands - Build completed in 2016
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