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Project • By MosaNurseries

Asilo nido Il Bruco Kindergarten

Project Asilo nido Il Bruco, published by Mosa. Location: Milan, Italy Category: Nurseries Connect with Mosa for more information More

Project • By LIKO-SOffices

Kafnú co-working centre

Modern business centres are being set up in India's fast-growing metropolises, where the largest multinational companies in the field of IT and other industrial and commercial activities are building their headquarters. Bengaluru is one such city. Among the others, one of Kafnú's co-working centres was established here. It is a space, which changes every day, and is being used in many different ways. Users have their own permanent office here or come only occasionally and use one of the shared tables or organize a presentation for their clients in one of the various meeting rooms. For maximum comfort of the users throughout the day, there are various nooks or open spaces with a cafe and bar. However, such spaces are very difficult t... More

Project • By CLACstudio architectureApartments

Young apartment

The renovation of this apartment has been built for a young couple. The space has been subdivided by colored elements with different shapes and inclinations to move and create suggestions. The result is a welcoming and dynamic space, very cool and youthful, as requested by the clients! More

Project • By wulf architekten GmbHLaboratories

DZNE German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases

The new building for the DZNE, where the similarities and differences of various brain diseases are studied, is located on the southern edge of University Hospital’s Venusberg Campus in Bonn. With a usable floor area of approximately 16,000 square meters, the DZNE provides optimal scientific conditions for an international team of more than 500 employees and visiting researchers.The building volume is divided into three distinctive, organically shaped individual buildings. These form a coherent ensemble with generous intervening outdoor spaces. The tripartite division corresponds exactly to the internal functions: the entrance building with all the general facilities – which include an auditorium, a cafeteria, a library, and the clinical re... More

Project • By SELIM SENINSecondary Schools

Educational Building

Every window in the structure was moved towards different directions by scrolling movement.At this point, a dynamic façade was achieved. More

Project • By Footprint ArchitectsOffices

LUSH Strata House

Footprint Architects has successfully completed a full fit out of an existing 1960s office block for the cosmetics company LUSH. LUSH required a bold and playful aesthetic which aligned with their brand and provided office accommodation for their accounting department. The design provides open plan office space over three floors with exciting break out spaces for flexible working, along with private meeting rooms using Crittall style partitioning. Timber Skype Booths have been positioned in two of the offices to allow video conference calls and a large open plan kitchen on the top floor provides a stage for evening entertainment. Showering facilities were also provided as part of the scheme to encourage staff to cycle to work and to pr... More

Project • By Tolga ArchitectsUrban Green Spaces

Haiti Social Housing Development in Morne A Cabrit

Social HousingThe project in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital city, locate in the Morne A Cabrit region, is a project which is designed as, 3, 4 and 5 storey buildings in a total area of 240.000 m2 area, 172 blocks (2748 dwelling) considering the social housing concept. Considering the yearly weather conditions of the territory, facades of the blocks were placed at the North-South sides, it helps the controlling of the natural light intake and solving the heat problem of the construction itself. Considering the economical and social conditions of the territory, the architectural was placed at the minimum solutions; the maximum simplicity and economical efficiency were taken into consideration. On the facade which belongs to the region’s loca... More

Product • By RockpanelROCKPANEL® Brilliant

Rockpanel® Brilliant

Rockpanel® Brilliant in 16 sparkling designsEvery building has its own story through its form, structure and colours, and often it is Rockpanel façade cladding that inspires architects to give their design a distinctive character. The Rockpanel Brilliant series and its 16 designs offer unlimited aesthetic possibilities to let your building blend into the environment or to make a bold statement.The broad design range of the Rockpanel Brilliant series ranges from natural brown, aubergine or green hues through cooler colours like grey or blue and on to a dominant red or orange, which provide inspiration and support innovative design concepts. All the sparkling surfaces offering an astounding play of colours. Sunlight or artistic spotlighting f... More

Project • By Casanova + Hernandez ArchitectsParks/Gardens

Ceramic Museum

"MOSAIC GARDEN" LOCATION Jinzhou World Landscape Art Exposition is a large-scale international exhibition that shows innovative landscape architecture around the world. The site of the garden is located in a core place of the Longqiwan Area of Jinzhou City. In the future, the exposition park will be permanently preserved as a central park for the city with an extension of 176 hectares. The "Mosaic Garden" is located in a central area of the park dedicated to innovative international contemporary landscape architecture: a selection of gardens around the world that will represent the art of gardening in the five continents. CONCEPT "Mosaic Garden" is a three-dimensional crackled landscape inspired by the old tradition of the... More

Project • By T2.a ArchitectsApartments

Simplon A

Located in the south western part of the Hungarian capital of Budapest, Simplon_A was built as the residential part of a mixed-use development and has quickly become a colourful new piece of the neighbouring urban landscape. The building was rounded at the corner by a gesture that evokes the architecture of the early modernism, such a rhythm of the facade boxes appears in many modern apartments of the surroundings that were built in the 1960th. One of the main design concepts was to create a continuously changing building facade that is highly responsive to the everyday use. All apartments have large, open facades and all have a well-utilizable, covered terrace - loggia. The large openings of the facade are shaded by adjustable aluminium... More

Project • By Juana Canet ArquitectosPrimary Schools

Chromatic play

The project responds to the idea of extending the school with a multipurpose room in an adjacent plot which should be connected internally and have an independent entrance from the street. The plot is rectangular in a 4:1 proportion and the aim is to have a whole 7 meter span open space with natural light and crossed ventilation. In order to achieve that the façade will have to provide as much light as possible and skylights will need to be incorporated in the roofing and on top of the internal staircase. The multipurpose room will be connected in two different levels with the school, at ground level through an ascendant staircase and at roofing level through a descending ramp. The floor plan of the new mulipurpose room is going to b... More

Project • By Favela PaintingArt Galleries

Santa Marta

Using a flexible concept of colourful rays which can easily be expanded, we made a design for the houses around the square and part of the street, including the local Sambaschool. A group of local inhabitants where instructed by trainers from TintasCoral as part of the project "Tudo de Cor para Santa Marta." They where taught everything from different types of paint to safety measures about working on scaffolding. As every wall, every house needs another solution, the painters learn to work with all kinds of material. During the hard month of work they received an education as well as a paycheck. The inside of the sambaschool was painted in their traditional colors.The final result was a huge artwork spanning over 34 houses .About 7000 squa... More

Project • By Abin Design StudioFactories

IMI Kolkata

Nature in its various forms has always been a constant source of inspiration to man. The sky with its various states and ever changing colors is one of the most dynamic elements of nature and is what has inspired the built form façade. The colored laminate with Vanceva PVB glass on the façade follows no repetitive pattern and is symbolic of the unpredictable nature of the sky. It also represents the vibrancy of today’s youth. The client brief required a management institute of international standards. Provisions for state of the art facilities and smart classrooms have been made for. The latest technological provisions in the institute allow for worldwide exchange of knowledge, through conventions and seminars. The architectural language... More

Project • By Bonnard Woeffray ArchitectesNurseries

Kindergarten Monthey

Monthey's new kindergarten is located in the town's Cinquantoux Park and replaces the former villa that had become obsolete. Conceived as a large house for children, the venue assumes an almost organic shape that merges with the wooded park and offers a range of interior spaces. Following the same logic is its composition of volumes topped by a roof composed of gently slanting sections. The building can accommodate 180 or so children. It offers two floors arranged as six separate units. Each unit is divided into two spaces for activity and rest, with a washroom and toilets in between. Each unit has a distinct character reflecting its position in the building; all benefit from different views of the park, and are bathed in sunlight in the... More

Project • By KOZ ARCHITECTESPlaygrounds

Sports and Leisure Centre

NONCONFORMIST AND BOLD This building is not lacking in selfconfidence. As proof, you only have to take the second left along the Avenue de Longchamps from the Les Côteaux tramway Station in Saint-Cloud. No sooner have you left behind a quiet row of smart private houses in the traditional millstone grit Parisian style with front steps and plane trees than you come face to face with an odd-looking building, imposing but also childishly simple, more cubist than cube-shaped, decidedly “flashy”, evoking happy memories of a child’s toy. An appealing, totemic building that you sense is designed for festive celebrations and young people, and that you might expect to find in Rotterdam rather than the uber bourgeaois St Cloud neighbourhoods. Even... More