School Inverloch

School Inverloch

Primary Schools
Inverloch, Australia - Build completed in 2011
Peter Bennetts

School Inverloch

Opat Architects as Architects

The innovative new Inverloch primary school is a canvas; it is a front, a fence and an invitation to draw the community into an activated shared landscape. Through the dark fronted feature entry reveals a contrasting light inland landscape, generous externalised circulation and outdoor learning focusing on a feature court.

New buildings are organised in a linear fashion. In order to gain access to passively controlled direct natural light the building is provided a northern orientation. Class spaces are clustered to form ‘learning houses’ interconnected by covered ways. All classes directly access outdoor learning environments.

The design celebrates its place by adopting the form and function of nearby Anderson Inlet, funnelling access through a central main entry. An internal courtyard is a literal translation of the Inverloch coastline to create a seat-edge to the outdoor assembly area.

A building profile and section were designed, amongst other things, in response to passive solar response, ventilation, natural light and acoustics. The section is a prototype adapted along the length of the building to best-fit the program within.

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