Scuola di Noceto
Mauro Davoli

Scuola di Noceto

Zermani Associati Studio di Architettura as Architects

The new school, near the historic city of Noceto connecting the highway of the Cisa to the square and the campaign towards Taro river , consists of two buildings facing each other, formed by two floors, joined in the middle by a transverse lower body , to define a central closed cloister and two large, open courtyards .


On the side facing the street, in the first open court , there is the primary school , while on the opposite side , in the second open court towards the Apennines , there is the nursery .

From the ground, the school appears to be contained between two great books, their buildings , one on each side , protruding from the ground, hosting spaces to school life , generate the cloister and the two large open courtyards.


From the sky the school appears in the plant, as a human body. Or, seen through the eyes of a child , it looks like the body of a giant, a giant lying peacefully, as in the tale of Gulliver travels, almost asleep, between the green of the first campaign and the houses.


So , to those who watch it from there, the playful picture shows a building of fantastic appearance and vaguely human, dropped discreetly into the landscape.


The courts are arcades and protection, and refer explicitly to the nature of that relationship, from the historical point of view they connect the historical formation of the agricultural land.


In the central courtyard , square and closed on all four sides, between the two schools and visible from both, there is a young walnut tree, a living symbol of the landscape and the desire to preserve and transmit, through education and awareness, feelings of identity and belonging of the community.

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