Secret Garden House

Secret Garden House

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Alumil S.A
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ElementBrandProduct Name
Aluminum Windows & DoorsAlumil S.A
Faucets (Bagno Y Bagno)Ritmonio
Compact TopFormica Group
Attic WoodEGGER Wood-based materials
Wave loungersBetton

Product Spec Sheet
Faucets (Bagno Y Bagno)
Compact Top
Wave loungers
by Betton

Secret Garden House

Scapearchitecture as Architects

The Secret Garden House is a summer residence designed as a part of the landscape that surrounds it, underlining the relationship between architecture and outdoor living. Instead of yet another white dot on the map, the residence is integrated into the slope. It embraces nature rather than displacing it, and establishes a new kind of symbiotic, sustainable relationship with its environment.


The residence is located in Faragas, on the southwest part of Paros Island, built on a slightly sloped plot towards the sea. A small olive grove at the southern part and a cluster of pine trees to the east mark the property’s boundaries and define the available area for the house. Α gently stepped pathway leads from the carport at the southwestern corner of the plot to the main outdoor living area, set at the highest part of the property. Living and dining areas are found underneath a rectangular, elongated shading pergola, along with a fully equipped kitchen, a sunbathing deck and a shallow pond, enhancing the microclimate during the hot summer months. Sheltered from the prevailing Cycladic northern winds, the outdoor living area provides with unobstructed views towards the surrounding garden, the sea and Antiparos Island.


The main house is semi-submerged, lower into the slope, in front of the outdoor living area. It is designed as a cave building, taking advantage of the built area bonus allowed by the Greek New Building Code. It is accessible from a passageway cutting through the existing olive grove and it is connected to the outdoor living area and the pond via a 2m wide stepped ventilation opening.


Wide-span glass panels slide into the walls providing with effective cross ventilation, while turning the residence into an open sheltered space with panoramic views towards the olive grove and the sea. The residence’s indoor areas include an open plan kitchen, living room, two yacht-style guest bedrooms, one master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and all the required amenities. Patios provide with added cross ventilation, one of them acting as the outdoor shower area of the master bathroom.


The hybrid character of the Secret Garden House, balancing between landscape and architecture, was further enhanced by a landscape design that highlights the expansion of the architectural synthesis in the entire property. The evergreen plants were mostly selected from local flora species, with low irrigation requirements, displaying a continuously transforming colour palette throughout the year. The pathways across the property are constructed of earthy, porous materials, which disappear visually into the ground, keeping their presence as discreet as possible.


Preserving and partially restoring the natural slope to incorporate the architecture into it became a liberating gesture to the residential experience. Laying low under the trees, in line with the slope, the house encourages a selective detachment from the cosmopolitan frenzy of the island, especially during the summer months. In the end, that’s what the Secret Garden House is about: a small private hideaway in a secret garden, where its occupants can relax and find their inner self, enjoying the pure essence of living in the Cycladic islands. 


Material Used :
Doors and Windows
• Alumil Supreme S-650 Phos minimal frame sliding insulated
• Alumil Μ11000 hinged insulated windows
• Alumil S350 sliding insulated windows

Thermal insulation
• Kraft Clima Comfort system

• Kraft 
• AkzoNobel

Rotating louvers
• Europa Louvers Shading System

Doors & Joinery
• Liakopoulos Bros 

• Convex handles
• Tectus hinges

Joinery doors surfacing
• Egger Attic Wood

Kitchen countertop surface
• Formica Compact Top

• Nuovocorso Pietra Grigia (Bagno Y Bagno)

Bathrooms equipment
• Ritmonio faucets (Bagno Y Bagno)
• GSI Ceramica bathrooms fixtures and washbasins

Marble structures
• Marble Art Design - Skaramagas

Electrical switchgear
• Berker K1 system

Lighting fixtures
• Artemide, Nexia, Norlys, Astro Lighting (all supplied by Prolight)
• BEL Lighting
• Lumines (submersible LED strips supplied by Foss)

• Daikin
• Adax

• Siemens
• Miele
• Elica

• LaCidivina indoor / outdoor sofas
• 10DEKA garden beds
• Betton Wave loungers
• Softline CUT poufs
• MUUBS coat racks
• Broste Copenhagen tableware

Secret Garden House

Alumil S.A as Aluminum Windows & Doors

This modern summer house was going to be constructed on the southwest part of Paros, a beautiful Cycladic Island. The highest priority during the architectural plan was for the residence to be incorporated in the external environment. The main goal was the creation of a house that would be integrated into nature and not in contradiction with it. 

The boundaries of the plot are defined by an olive grove and some pine trees. Secret Garden House impresses with its smart and simple design. The architects of Scapearchitecture office emphasized the value of the building’s incorporation in the nature. Thus, when someone looks at Secret Garden House, it is easy to realize that it is submerged into the slope, creating a contemporary cave.  

The garden follows the colors of the natural landscape - without excesses- and a gravel pathway guides us through the low plants to the residence. Almost half of the house is integrated into the hillside, whereas the part that is not below the slope is covered by the rectangular shading pergola. Also, the wide-span glass panels, with the minimal sliding aluminium systems, attract the attention of the visitor and follow the philosophy of simplicity and comfort. 

Internally, the residence gives a sense of harmony. Secret Garden House, submerged in the slope, constitutes a sheltered retreat for the people that live inside. The kitchen, the dining-room and the living-room areas coexist in a unified space, while the wooden surfaces provide warmth and highlight the aesthetics of the interior. The 3 bedrooms of the house follow the same designing direction and offer relaxed moments to the residents. The magnificent wide window spans allow the unobstructed view and reinforce the natural lighting. In addition, the sliding of the frames into the wall emphasize the minimal elements and provide exceptional ventilation.  

Secret Garden House is a project that underlines the value of inclusion of the natural environment in the contemporary constructions. The combination of high-quality materials, the sustainable design and Cycladic scenery, offers a result of unparalleled aesthetics, elevating the whole living experience.  

Project Credits
Aluminum Windows & Doors
Lighting Consultant
Landscape Design
Mechanical Engineering
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