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Product • By Hossein MohammadpourNOOK


"NOOK" NOOK chair is a birthplace for the recycling of all plastic waste materials in nature today, landfills, incinerators, and even oceans. The NOOK with ergonomic shapes, rounded edges, and large seating surface is comfortable and safe. Thanks to its good design, it is both lightweight and considerably durable. So on the one hand, people can move it however they want. On the other hand, it does not overturn easily. The biggest design challenge for this environmentally friendly and sustainable product was that it could also help revitalize the plastic waste recycling cycle; And also be visually children friendly. More

Project • By LIKO-SOffices

Travel Agency Headquarters

The task of the investor for the Perspektiv studio was to prepare a design for the new headquarters of travel agency in the brownfield of the former Zbrojovka in Brno and at the same time to create a uniform design manual for all company offices. The design was prepared by the author's team Ján Antal, Martin Stára, Markéta Michálková, Ema Hrníčková, collaborated by Yana Stepankova and Eduard Mosieienkov. Caption Caption The new offices were designed with an emphasis on travel themes, a strong orientation system, and a contrast between the global and the local. According to the golden rule: Think global, act local. The design was inspired by airport spaces, for example on the floors... More

Project • By JVA Renders - Architecture VisualizationRural


We love Hengki Koentjoro photography, so we made this inspired in his black and white mood photos. Personal project that's done to improve my skills. Environment is full CG. It's full modelled in Rhinoceros testing the RhinoNature Plug-in. JVA Renders (Juan Verdaguer Aguerrebehere + Ezequiel Mill) Software: Rhinoceros - Vray - Photoshop Caption Web: de Instagran: de facebook: More

Project • By Aether ArchitectsOffices

Zhongcheng Multi-functional Building

The project is located in Shenzhen OCT Loft, Guangdong Province, China, the original building was an abandoned factory boiler building, it is walls had no windows on all sides and were cracked and seeped and it was determined that the building was dangerous and required structural reinforcement before reuse. After renovation it is the multi-purpose space of Zhongcheng “Space Holdings Group”, the first floor and the west courtyard are open spaces for public and the second and third floors are multifunctional activity spaces for the company. Zhang Chao Continuation and Renovation: Although the original building has been abandoned for more than ten years, its windowless “washed rice stone” (a traditional handmade... More

Project • By KAD Firma ArsitekturRestaurants

Mili Resto

This project is located at Padi Resort, Pancawati, Bogor, West Java, on a valley between Salak Mountain and Pangrango mountain. At first, the area was used as a rice field area that turned into a hospitality area, and that is where the concept of ricefield plants came for the resort and it is following into the concept for the restaurant. Wildan Nurfauzi Mili Resto was built as a facilitator for the guest in the resort to enjoy the panorama of the ricefield surrounding the restaurant. And the building is used as a living sculpture around the resort for its area. It creates a leisure destination not only for the guests but also for the surrounding area. With a half-round floor plan of approx. 685 m2 of indoor area, plus 2455 m2 of the... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerPrivate Houses

House P in Allgäu

On the edge of a densely built residential area in the Allgäu hills, we created a well-conceived wooden house for a variety of uses. The adjacent popular recreation and landscape conservation area prompted us to incorporate the surrounding nature into the design of the house. The new building follows the proportions of the desolate existing building from the 1960s. The staggered storey set back from the street communicates with the slope, whose original steepness we have restored. The restrained, horizontally structured architecture with a façade made of local wood blends harmoniously into the natural surroundings. Floor-to-ceiling glazing, visual axes and open living spaces that offer numerous views stage nature and bring it in... More

Project • By Arch.A StudioApartments

Palm Medi

Less furnitures, air and sunlight will be free to get in. Less materials, their value are shown up. It's  balance in space.A 70m2 apartment with two bedrooms is located in Hochiminh city, Vietnam. This apartment building was built on an old palm forest beside the big city. It is a raw handing over apartment, but It's original plan was excellent designed with two balconies which created a huge flow for wind to get in and out of the space. In oder to keep the good air and sunlight, we aim to use as less furniture as possible. So, we could have more attention to details and usage of each items. This increase the value of furniture and materials. We tried to use less materials in oder to make a quiet and peacefull space. Only 3 main m... More

Project • By EGM architectsApartments


KlokGroep has commissioned 78 spacious new-build apartments on an artificial mound in the green Dike Zone along the River Waal in Nijmegen. The spacious apartments, contained in three buildings, offer space and tranquillity close to the city and panoramic views of the river and the green landscape.    Situated on a mound The complex consists of three volumes that step up in height and increase in size, creating a sense of spaciousness and openness. Similarities in design and materials ensure that the three unite to form a close-knit ensemble. The biggest and tallest building consists of six floors and, in terms of height, appears grandly imposing beside an old orchard. The other two buildings, five and four floors in height, ar... More

Project • By BCW CollectiveCultural Centres

Bivacco Brédy

Bivacco Bredy is the winning proposal from an invited competition organized by YACademy and Cantieri d’Alta Quota on behalf of the Brédy family. Developed by BCW Collective, the design is a specific solution for a high altitude site in the Italian region of Valle d’Aosta, near the Laghi di Dzioule, two small alpine lakes at 2500m elevation in the secluded Vertosan Valley. The competition sought detailed designs of a bivouac to celebrate the memory of Claudio Brédy, a well-known politician and alpinist from Valle d’Aosta who tragically lost his life in a climbing accident at the end of 2017. Inspiration from the life of Claudio Brèdy and the mountains he was so passionate about motivated the memorial architecture quality... More

Project • By WTA Architecture and Design StudioMasterplans

FEM Stadium

The Stadium of the North is a renovation project that will rebuild the Mariano Marcos Stadium, locate beside the Mariano Marcos  State University. The current stadium has a total area of 43,820 sqm and a capacity of 2,000 people. It is open to the public at set hours and is the go-to place for running and exercise of the Laoageños.   The complex houses the Ilocos Norte Development Office (INYDO) and Sports Development Office (INSDO) and was once the venue for the first Ilocos Norte Youth Games and Ilocos Norte Children’s Games. The site is situated between residential and institutional developments. The redevelopment of the stadium will not only boost the development of the talents and skills of student-athletes in... More

Project • By ANDU ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Villa B

We are guided by the idea that simple approaches lead to the most elegant solutions, so our architecture is reduced and clean, with an emphasis on the program itself, i.e. contents and their connections. In the case of Villa B, it was necessary to point out the unusual landscape of the rocky hill overgrown with forest as the highest quality locations, so the object is formed on the edge of a hill and predominantly forest-oriented. This makes that piece of nature extra sheltered from outside views, and thus the interior of the house.   In such a complex environment, our desire was to create contrast with architecture. Pure cubic form as opposed to complex found, with the absence of any need for mimicry. Such a juxtaposition showed as... More

Project • By ss67architetti | Lucia Barna | Roberto CastellaniSculptures


CO2morrow is a reactive sculpture, first shown at the Royal Academy of Arts in London as a part of the show, “Earth: Art of a Changing World” in 2009. Inspired by Timothy Morton’s idea of the hyperobject, CO2morrow approaches climate change as an issue of consciousness. The sculpture is created almost entirely out of carbon fiber and is modeled after a scrubber molecule that takes CO2 out of the air, based on research by chemist Omar Yaghi. The sculpture is also covered in LED lights that react in real time to data received from a network of sensing technologies in the United Kingdom. During the project, the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, who were helping Lutyens and his team collect data, were hac... More

Project • By IMK ArchitectsHotels

Club Mahindra Madikeri Resort

Merging Nature with the Living Habitat   The Madikeri Resort in Coorg, Karnataka is a hospitality project that was designed for Club Mahindra Holidays and Resorts. The design takes cues from the indigenous Kodava culture and upholds biophilia as a central element to create a site-sensitive habitat that is in harmony with nature.   With an area of 2,15,000-sq.ft., the resort comprises a reception, fitness centre, spa, three restaurants and 220 rooms arranged in an arc on a single level to maximise ease of movement. The building blocks have been planned along the edge of the Cardamom Valley, strategically positioned to save every single tree on the site. They are placed below the ridge instead of on it, so that the hill looks un... More

Project • By BGStudioBars

SERA Bistro-Bar

NATURE IS OUR CONTEXT   The keywords of this project are: #cozy #family #friends #nature #conversations #great music #books #fresh food. Those keywords used from the family that owns this bistro-bar when describing on how they see their place to become, made the idea easy to put on paper. ‘Sera’ bistro bar is designed to arouse feelings. The idea levels up towards a solid interior design that articulates ‘Sera’ bistro bar upfront with its authentic relation to fresh food, the suppliers who grow it, and the people who end up eating it, reflecting the conscious attitude towards a healthy living. The space, located in the ground floor of a residential building, offers to the local and the visitors of this neigh... More

Project • By LIKO-SHotels

Hotel Impozant

Hotels are places where you want to have privacy and at the same time be surrounded by all possible services. Hotel Impozant in Slovakia is a beautiful example of this. It has been closed and extensively renovated over the last two years. Stone, glass, metal and wood. These materials will accompany you throughout the space. The large open spaces of the bar or conference halls with open views of the surrounding countryside alternate with dark corridors and diverse nooks for your privacy. Representative reception and common areas offer the opportunity to meet or just relax. The variability of spaces for different events is solved by mobile walls, which divide the rooms according to current needs. However, the wellness part of the hotel is a... More