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Project • By BGStudioBars

SERA Bistro-Bar

NATURE IS OUR CONTEXT   The keywords of this project are: #cozy #family #friends #nature #conversations #great music #books #fresh food. Those keywords used from the family that owns this bistro-bar when describing on how they see their place to become, made the idea easy to put on paper. ‘Sera’ bistro bar is designed to arouse feelings. The idea levels up towards a solid interior design that articulates ‘Sera’ bistro bar upfront with its authentic relation to fresh food, the suppliers who grow it, and the people who end up eating it, reflecting the conscious attitude towards a healthy living. The space, located in the ground floor of a residential building, offers to the local and the visitors of this neigh... More

Project • By LIKO-SHotels

Hotel Impozant

Hotels are places where you want to have privacy and at the same time be surrounded by all possible services. Hotel Impozant in Slovakia is a beautiful example of this. It has been closed and extensively renovated over the last two years. Stone, glass, metal and wood. These materials will accompany you throughout the space. The large open spaces of the bar or conference halls with open views of the surrounding countryside alternate with dark corridors and diverse nooks for your privacy. Representative reception and common areas offer the opportunity to meet or just relax. The variability of spaces for different events is solved by mobile walls, which divide the rooms according to current needs. However, the wellness part of the hotel is a... More

Project • By FAKROEstates

Military barrack adapted for living

An old military barrack in Ede (the Netherlands) has been transformed into apartments and a daycare center. The decision was made to keep the original looks of the buildings exterior. The interior however has been refreshed and adapted for living. Lots of natural light and protection from overheating contribute to comfort of the inhabitants' lifes.  The new living spaces have been modernized and adapted for everyday use. Roof windows combinations beyond the openwork staircases let a lot of natural light into the homes. The plants situated in the corners and on the staircase landings, along with the sky that can be seen through the roof windows, create natural atmosphere inside. Some of the 132 white-framed FAKRO FTW-V roof windows ar... More

Project • By ArchiworkshopHotels

Glamtree resort within nature

The site is full of chestnut trees and consists of natural contours. By stepping in to the site, you can feel like walking in a deep forest, and then will see the beautiful scenery of valleys of Seori-Mountain. Seori-Mountain is showing different looks by each hour and each season.   We expected visitors to have a journey of experiencing staying in the forest and returning back to their daily lives with relaxing and healing experiences. 'GLAMTREE' has the meanings of Glamping Pavilion and Tree. It also has a comprehensive meaning of rich nature. The master plan and glamping design is inspired from the leaves and pebbles in the forest.   When you arrive at GLAMTREE, you will first encounter a parking lot with stone walls stacke... More

Project • By RAD LABPrivate Houses

Saltwater Farm

Sited near the pristine shoreline of Washington’s San Juan Island – an island only accessible by sea or air – lies Saltwater Farm at Friday Harbor, a stylish boutique hotel and rural retreat on 162 wild and beautiful acres. The project includes five small guest cabins and a two-story house for the clients and their two children.   The inn, farm, and family home are realizations of the couple’s longtime dream of leaving the city for a simpler life immersed in nature. After inviting the architects to camp on the land and explore the property, five small cabins were thoughtfully placed amidst towering pines to ensure solitude and privacy for guests. While the cabins are formally identical with a refined, Scandina... More

Project • By Gianluca D'EpiroPrivate Houses


all  I want : easy, clear, concrete, wood, nature, basketball court, books More

Project • By Tomecek Studio ArchitecturePavilions

Sunset Pavilion

Standing atop a hill overlooking the park entry, focused on the panorama of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains beyond, the Sunset Pavilion marks the intersection of multiple paths along a regional trail system. In concert with 8 additional pavilions throughout the park, the Sunset structure speaks to the simplicity of construction and the honesty of natural materials. The dramatic steel structure cantilevers from grade, sheltering visitors from the harsh Colorado sun. Acting as a lens, the pavilion’s details are designed to emphasize the phenomenal qualities of the sun’s path throughout the day. A carefully diagrammed set of perforations along the overhead plane tracks the sun’s movement during the autumnal and vernal e... More

Project • By Elenberg Fraser ArchitectureMasterplans

Papersmith Apartments

Papersmith is a building of transformation. Transformation of the industrial heritage, transformation of the Yarra River riparian landscape and transformation of materials. The building is robust and confident. The directness of the former industrial structures is expressed in concrete frame of the lower levels. Contrasting high-performing low emissivity double glazing inset into the concrete structure frames the outlook for the occupants while seamlessly balancing acoustic, solar and privacy requirements. Subtle variation across the surface of the building animate the façade. A simple glass volume defines the upper levels of the building. The building embodies the transformation of Yarra Bend. The landscape is drawn through the bui... More

Project • By Indigo ArquitecturaHousing

Místico 10 House

Mistico 10 House is located in front of a large lake and a few meters from the beach. These special climatic charasteristics invited us to develop a design connected to the site, with its views of surrounding nature and taking advantage of its location to be ventilated using the thermal influence of the lake and the winds that it generates. The family recreational use to wich the house is intended, conceives unified social spaces without loosing provacy from the outside. For the Mistico 10 House, the lake is always the main protagonist, that is why from all it's internal spaces you can see its reflections, its movement and how its colors change throught the day.   More

Project • By Architecture BRIOIndividual Buildings

Magic Bus Learning Pavilion

The Magic Bus Learning Pavilion is partly a building, partly a challenge course. It is an interactive building used as a gathering space and play area for underprivileged children while they are on their weekend camps. Sponsored by the Laureus Foundation, it is located on the Magic Bus Centre for Experiential Learning.As the budget for the Learning Pavilion was considerably low, the structure is designed as economical as possible. It therefore attempts to use the least amount of materials with the maximum amount of covered, shaded spaces. This is accomplished through the use of steel columns and a lightweight roof.The structure remains open from all sides, par the toilets and storage areas, which provide support to the two de... More

Project • By flamingo architectsCommunity Centres

Shala, School of Movements

Shala, School of movement located 2.3-acre plot in the heart of Jaipur surrounded by residential buildings. It is a corner plot with two adjoining streets in the beautiful locality of Bapu Nagar, Jaipur. Client for this project is Mr. Dillep Baid Founder of Dileep industries. He commissioned flamingo architects to design a facility which can be temporarily inbuilt and can be shifted if needed. He wanted to this setup for social welfare and public service and his love for yoga and meditation. Shala is fueled by the professional members of K.V.Fitness studio led by Mr. Kapil & Mr. Vikram.   The concept for this project is to make a facility close to nature by using locally available construction material cutting the carbon footprin... More

Project • By [i]da ArquitectosRurals

Hotel Pé no Monte Phase II

The expansion proposal for Pé no Monte Rural Tourism consists on the construction of eight additional accommodation units, a swimming pool and a restaurant. The project seeks to articulate the new construction with the existing one and integrate them with the natural landscape.   Restaurant The restaurant area works as a hinge between the various spaces of the project, connecting the existing and the new, assuming itself as the centre of the whole complex. This central space is delimited by a white linear volume, a pool and a ramp. A large flat roof is built over this area, under which the restaurant is found. The coverage, a square of about 200m2, provides a versatile and obstacle free covered space. Its structure, buil... More

Project • By Mutabile ArquiteturaPrivate Houses

Moeda House

The Moeda House project was designed to take full advantage of the potential of the landscape. Steep slopes, a privileged view of the mountains and a preserved forest surround the property, located in the countryside of the city of Moeda, in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Its isolated spot allows the interior spaces to integratewith the landscape, bringing the view into the house. The project makes the best of these conditions and proposes an open configuration of spaces, with little divisions between rooms and large glass panels on the facades. This house gives new light to the typology of the rural residences of Minas Gerais, with its typical wooden structures and ceramic roof by giving is transparency and lightness.Two blocks separate living and... More

Project • By ID StudiosOffices

Marsh and McLennan San Diego

Marsh and McClennan turned to ID Studios to redesign their 85,000 s.f. workspace to reflect their San Diego roots dating back to 1909 and the local Southern California environment they inhabit. ID Studios responded with a design centered on San Diego, the most biologically diverse county in the United States where temperatures, landscapes and wildlife can vary greatly within just a few miles. The new design showcases and embodies the five habitats, including farmlands, wetlands, beaches, mountains and deserts through a diverse layering of natural materials and textures. The work of local surf and nature photographer Aaron Chang is featured as well as graphics depicting the “fingerprints” of several local tree species which provides visual w... More

Project • By Carazo ArquitecturaHousing


Natú is considered a hybrid project due to its horizontal as well as it´s vertical composition. The design is based on the idea of creating a building that adapts to the terrain, thus modifying the natural topography as little as possible, which creates views towards "Parque del Este". Likewise, it is proposed to incorporate green areas to each housing unit through garden slabs. The aesthetic value and functionality of the building is favored by the presence of its natural counterpart, seeking to provide a particular experience through the integration of natural ecosystems as circuits within the project. The location of the project is highly regarded, due to the qualities of “Parque del Este”; This park is a green area with steep slope... More