Serious House

Serious House

FAHR 021.3
Lecce, Italy
Project Year
Private Houses
Miguel Oliveira

Serious House

FAHR 021.3 as Architects

Serious House by FAHR 021.3; a ruin as an utopic interpretation of its function. Serious House is the conversion of degradation and emptiness in a scenic outdoor space; a metaphor of the past of the place or a utopian vision, the future of it. Serious House project aims to intervene in a forgotten ruin in San Vito, a city in southern Italy. For 180 creative camp, FAHR 021.3 was motivated to develop an installation that would improve access to art by the inhabitants of this region.

The idea is to (re) create a space through color lines that run the vacant building at various levels and dimensions, leading us on an emotional experience between what was, what is and what will be that empty place. For those who visit the ruin Serious House is like an unrealistic and naive recreation of a past or a future in a fleeting and uncompromising dream. Through architectural elements that involve and frame us in a utopian image, you can browse the memory of this abandoned and dysfunctional space. A distorted and frozen vision of a moment in time that never existed.

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De Verkenner
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