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Low energy office building for SES Astra Betzdorf (LU) Energy class B (low energy)

Design and features

The construction of the SES Service Business Center at Betzdorf is located on the future SES Campus “Pierre Werner” on the north-south axis of the traffic-calmed “rue P. Werner” which has been expanded to an avenue.

A clear geometric shape as contrast to the landscape space, the interconnection and dialogue between building and landscape as well as an elaborated energy concept for the building set a sign as a „pioneer project“ for the future development of this building site.

The building is conceived as a clear cubic 3-storey structural body, where the ground floor occupies a base surface of 36x36m, the two upper floors jump back about 18m and thus have a smaller base surface of 18x36m.

The open space around the building is designed as a lawn, and thus forms a natural transition into the landscape.

The entrance is from the east via a porch into a spacious atrium which is open across all levels. The ground floor accommodates all semi-public and general functions, such as the cafeteria with adjoining utility room and conference area, reception, foyer, indexing and storage facilities. In the southern part of the building a large office area with integrated tea kitchen, specific conference rooms and a comfort area are located.

The organization of the functions on the ground floor attaches great importance to the gradual transition from public outdoor areas to the very closed and protected office and research zones. The cafeteria lies like a bistro at the entrance facade, with an outdoor terrace towards the sidewalk; visitors are very welcome here. Then the atrium acts as a semi-public extension of the road and encourages spontaneous meetings and exchanges between the different users of the building, which are otherwise strictly separated. Circulation and conference areas encounter all directly into the courtyard.

The office space in the two upper floors can be divided into four rental spaces that can be build up flexible as open space or single offices, depending on the requirements of the user. Toilets, tea kitchen, copy area, archive, ELT and IT sub distribution are to be used in common and can be reached via open galleries directly from the central staircase.

The supporting structure of the building is made of reinforced concrete columns and reinforced concrete floors, a stiffening core in the south and masonry exterior walls. The massive components such as ceilings and walls serve as heat storage and are a fundamental part of the building energy concept. The concrete floors are also activated by a cooling. (Concrete core activation).

White fiber cement boards „fibre C“ by Rieder were chosen as facade cladding. These have been combined with aluminum windows on the east and west side. The south and north sides were provided with a mullion and transom facade, as well as the cafeteria on the ground floor on the north-east building corner. In the design of the glass facade distinction is made between the opaque windows / door elements which can be opened and the fixed glazed transparent elements.

The color scheme is based on natural tones, pale grey concrete, white fiber cement boards, natural aluminum, and galvanized steel. Indoors you find wooden parquet in the circulation areas and a laminated timber ceiling above the atrium.

The building grid is based on an axis size of 1.80m and is found both in the plate division of the „fibre C“ facade and the division of the mullion and transom facade.

Energy concept

The optimal match of thermal insulation, glazing, solar shading and thermal mass enables a high-quality, comfortable interior climate in a largely self-regulated energy-optimized building. Sustainable reduction of energy costs was in the focus of examination and was part of the planning and execution. Linking the various requirements resulted in a fundamental building and energy concept with low energy consumption, high quality work places and sustainable management.

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