Ship interior design - Multimedia hall

Ship interior design - Multimedia hall

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Ship interior design - Multimedia hall

Rechner architects as Architects

Anchored on the Danube, the ship serves for the reception and customs clearance of tourists on the Danube river cruise from Germany to Romania. For 18,000 tourists per year, this is the first contact with Croatia. 

For this purpose, a multimedia hall was designed on the lower deck with the intent to facilitate contact with the tourists and to give them an opportunity to learn about numerous sights(natural sights, tourist attractions, culture and arts) of the city of Vukovar, Slavonia, Baranja and Croatia. 

The area is divided in two halls. They are organised so that there are information zones along each side of the ship, each telling a different story about tourism, while the central positions (containing a large LCD screen) are used for the central content.

After visiting the information desk, the tour begins in the presentation area, called Discover, and it is continued in the area Feel. The central part of Hall 1 showcases a contemporary sculpture made by a young artist. The entire experience is complemented by an LCD screen showing inspirational video content.

After this, tourists pass through a sliding glass door to enter the areas Taste and Try. In Hall 2, there is the Know area, where one can take a rest and experience the entire interior while sitting down, or watch the video presentation to learn more. The tour continues through the areas Enjoy and Play, after which we go back to Hall 1 where the area Meet is located and where the tour ends with the Like area, which is actually a lounge area where visitors can sit down, rest and reflect on their impressions of this experience before continuing their tour.

The information areas round off the tourist story in a modern, interactive way.

Area Discover – provides basic information about Croatia, its regions, size etc.

Area Feel – provides basic information about tourist attractions, natural and other sights.

Area Art – provides contact with contemporary Croatian art.

Area Taste – provides information about gastronomic specialties with the possibility of tasting (“kulen” (national cured meat specialty), cheese, brandy, wine, natural water, cakes, cookies etc.).

Area Try – provides information on Croatian brands and products, revealing their peculiarities (various souvenirs, the tie etc.).

Area Enjoy – provides targeted information on package tours, e.g. a weekend in Opatija, New Year’s Eve in Dubrovnik, summer in Hvar etc.

Area Play – provides information on numerous achievements in sports, music and art.

Area Know – provides information by means of a video presentation.

Area Meet – provides information on business opportunities, possibilities for investing and living in Croatia.

Area Like – a lounge area for reflecting on and liking of impressions, and for sharing the link to applications about Croatia.


The contemporary flair of the presentations is complemented by interactive touch screens integrated in each of the areas, making it possible for every guest tocreate his/her own experience of Croatia by choosing particular information they are interested in. 

Material Used:

1. Knauf ceiling

2. Krono flooring

3. Feal aluminium / glass doors

4. Pedrali chairs

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Aluminium / Glass DoorsFeal
Product Spec Sheet
Aluminium / Glass Doors
by Feal
by Knauf
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