Sick Childcare home

Sick Childcare home

AVP Arhitekti
Zagreb, Croatia
Social Housing
AVP arhitekti

Sick Childcare home

AVP Arhitekti as Architects

Within the location from which the project for the SICK CHILDCARE HOME is designed, considering the delicate topic, the basic concept is SITE. All other concepts (space, building, construction, physical production, form design) are subject to that basic concept and are obliged to support it. Attention is directed to the welfare of children. Spaces, materials, and organizational schemes are designed to support the general atmosphere of tranquility, security, comfort, safe internal communication, linked external and internal spaces and intimate courtyards. The project thus possesses a modest significance of the preferred construction system, unusual geometry and coerced approach to plot which at the end are those (heavy, external) factors on which the concept is tested and detailed to a mathematical precision.

The geometry of the site dictates the configuration of the outer surface, the south wall, set as a horizontal system of simple linear components, which are expressed as a flat, horizontal and vertical lines, transparent membrane windows, etc. This abstract shapes were added to the repertoire as a reality of the warmth and intimacy of a home, almost vernacular forms of two-slope houses, south balconies and bent surfaces of the courtyard wall, all with a wooden finishing in accordance with the character of adjacent houses in the same neighborhood or street.

The majority (communication and service) facilities as well as the main entrance, living rooms, administrative and medical facilities are located along the northern edge of the ground floor for a simple organizational backbone of the whole. Thanks to this composition, a large part of the building site is free for south-oriented spaces, sunny green areas of gardens and terraces. The children rooms, directed to the south-east, were placed on the first and second floor into three segments, perpendicular to the service unit. Each of these pavilions end (south façade) with a larger, south-oriented terrace. Two rooms for very ill children were placed on the ground floor on the west side of the building, oriented towards the west garden. On the upper floors, the dining room, kitchen and other facilities were located.

The functioning of the whole is ensured through the main communication axis (corridor) along the northern facade of the building. Secondary communications are set perpendicular to the main communication. The relationship of the different levels (ground floor, upper floors and terraces) is provided by staircases and elevators located within the main communication hall which is directly accessed from the main entrance located on the north of the whereas the service entrance is set on the eastern side of the building, accessible and connected to the street.

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