Single family house

Single family house

Lukasz Przybylowicz

Maciej Wilczek

Piotr Musialowski
Warsaw, Poland | View Map
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Maciej Gasienica Giewont

Single family house

Lukasz Przybylowicz as Architects

The plot is located in one of the greenest, historical districts of Warsaw.

It lies on the border of the city and is adjacent to green recreational spaces. The area has also experienced a recent increase in the construction of single family homes.

This particular plot is quite big ( 3000 sqm ) and from the east it has direct access to a small river that crosses the district. The terrain behind the river belongs to the European area of protected environment which has prohibited all new construction nearby.

The area where we plan to open the major living spaces faces the east so one of our primary concerns is ensuring that the interior spaces are illuminated by sunlight not only in the morning.

Because the building is only one storey, we can use skylights to open the interior spaces to streaming natural light. The specific layout also allows direct sunlight to reach the living room throughout the day and provides every single room with access to a terrace and a garden.

By covering the exterior walls with the same timber as the terrace we created “wooden” niches – open air rooms that make the outside spaces as equally important as the interior.

Finally, the building is situated in such a way that the main southeast terrace overlooks beautiful, unobstructed views of the river and protected green spaces.

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