Single Family House Renovation Montcada

Single Family House Renovation Montcada

Hiha Studio
Montcada i Reixac, Barcelona, Spain
Project Year
Private Houses
Pol Viladoms

Single Family House Renovation Montcada

Hiha Studio as Architects

Renovation of a ground floor family house located between two party walls. The living area are connected to the new patio, situated in the back of the plot, providing a maximum of intimacy and an optimal light situation.


The strategic approach lies in the distinctive corridor which connects the entrance and living area through a curved shape. While normally the movement through this typology house is linear and monotonous, the presence of this curve volume generates a dynamic movement, accompanying and leading through the space. The opening of the room-high doors enlarges the field of view and dissolves all spatial borders, developing a continuous space.


The composition of the facade is based on three rectangular apertures. A ceramic lattice, which covers two of them, benefits the privacy. The third one, the main door, is covered in the same pattern in order to support the impression of symmetry. The materiality is based on ceramic elements of the facade and the floor, standing in contrast with the neutral materiality of the varnished carpentry and furniture.

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Maxxi Museum
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