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pangalos dugasse feldmann
-, France


pangalos dugasse feldmann as Architects

The project is situated in the developing district of Paris Seine Rive Gauche, Massena Chevaleret, in the 13th quarter in Paris. Our project is a dynamic urban statement; its form reinvents the interaction between the private sphere of a housing complex and the city. The volume reveals its depth to the city and the building becomes a porous interface that dramatizes the urban landscape. Our project is “positively urban", taking full advantage of the urban requirements, it maximizes the density. Its form is fashioned in order to assure the maximum access to daylight to the surrounding buildings. Its program is devised to insure horizontal and vertical permeability between the private and the public space. As the volume rises, it reveals a peculiar landscape in the heart of the block. The garden links visually the Avenue de France and the rue Jeanne Chauvin. The residents can enjoy a generous garden and a clear vision of the building’s narrative that becomes a landmark for the neighborhood. The internal structure of the housing complex is conceived with the same concern for interaction between public and private use. The flats occupy the entire depth of the building in order to have a double exposure and share the view of the gardens: the collective central void of the building that embodies the common space. The skin of the building that faces the garden has a colored and luminous quality conferred by colored glazed tiles. The external skin of the building is a reflective metallic cloak that is pierced where the loggias and terraces are formed. This perforation of the volume, underlines the uniqueness of each flat, embodies the scale of the individual facing the collective and animates the form of the volume in a poetic contrast between solid and transparent elements. We conceived our project as a strong response to the will of the urban planners to redefine housing in the architectural experiment that is the Massena quarter of Paris.

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