Accent Design Group
faqra, Lebanon


Accent Design Group as Architects

This project is situated in the scenic town of Faqra in Mount Lebanon, at an altitude of 1800 m, near the ski resorts of Faqra and Faraya. This complex of townhouses was designed to contain a number of apartments planned as winter as well as summer retreats for people who live in the city. The rocky landscape inspired the development and massing of the project as a cluster of three wooden-clad elements which contain the various units, adapting to the site topography and accentuating it, creating a harmonious complex. The project is composed of three independent blocks, containing 10 units of different sizes: simplexes and duplexes varying from 150m2 up to 220m2, all featuring unobstructed views of the panoramic landscape below. The area falls under stringent planning regulations which conditioned the configuration of the three compounds on the site. Moreover, the zoning and height limitations and the pitched roof requirements played a role in determining the overall geometry of the envelope. As a result the project developed into a group of clusters formed by interrelated components, while avoiding the formal clichés typical of such developments in the area. This complex of townhouses makes a perfect use of its difficult triangular plot, while blending within its context. Each block has its own basement car park, while sharing a common entertainment area including a gymnasium, swimming pool and a playroom. The wooden skin element that wraps the architectural volumes creates an effect of translucency, giving the inhabitants a feeling of protection while allowing them an expanded view of the landscape, effectively mediating between inside and outside. The overall design strategy was to develop a project that responds effectively to the program and building regulations, while adapting to the site and creating positive outdoor spaces and relations between the various components.

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