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Square, street and building. Competition

Square, street and building. Competition

Collaba Architects
Myru Ave, 1, Mariupol', Donets'ka oblast, Ukraine, 87500 | View Map
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Urban Green Spaces


Collaba Architects as Architects

It was a competition project. Details there https://canactions.com/nilsen-competition#rec185981583
The city of Mariupol and the design area have issues inherent in Ukrainian cities and
some that are particular to the region, such as:
1. Lack of a general strategy for the reconstruction of public spaces (streets,
squares, parks, etc.)
2. Ignoring climate problems. The area is overheated due to large areas of
asphalt and concrete and insufficient number of plants and water reservoirs.
At the same time, it suffers from floods during seasonal downpours as the
streets from the upper part of the city converge on it. There is no citywide
green framework for the migration of flora and fauna.
3. Emergency conditions of the existing paving and landscaping elements.
4. Insufficient number of benches, places of rest.
5. Small number and variety of public spaces.
6. Car-centric transport system.
7. Low inclusiveness.
Strategically, in the project, it was decided to combine two different worlds: political
and natural. The Political is perfectly manifested in city squares. The square is a
place of active and diverse interaction of people (meetings, resting on a bench,
skateboarding, concerts, rallies, flash mobs). To this world we will add a powerful
natural world - lush flora and fauna.
Urban design
1. Climate. The main idea of the concept is to control excess rainwater and
accumulate it in a large bio-pool in the area for dry days. Biochannels for
rainwater collection are arranged along Mira Avenue, and the excess is
poured into the bio-pool. In them plants resistant to episodic floods are
planted. The bio-pool itself has the shape of a circle, is located on the site of a
Cossack park and is framed by a parapet belt on which people can sit. These
solutions and the increase in greenery will reduce the high temperature of the
square and the street during the hot season.
2. The image of the square. Clear delineation of the boundaries of the area with
a simple geometric shape and large-format geometric paving pattern different
from other design areas. Now, the area is not perceived as an understandable
urban element due to visual fragmentation and blurring.
3. Ruins of unfinished constructions. Transformation of the ruins of the pit of an
unfinished building in the northern part of the square into a platform-stage for
events and a ramp for a skate park. It requires a minimum of effort, but has a
significant effect.
4. Tram. We hope the city will restore the tram in this area. Therefore, to
preserve the reminder of the tram route that passed through the square, we
propose to highlight the place where the tracks once ran, with contrasting
cobblestones. Also, along the route in each direction to install fountain
nozzles, which will be rhythmically turned on, resembling the movement of the
tram. This will help to periodically evenly moisten the open space of the area.
DASU building
It was decided not to make significant changes to the structure of the building as it
requires significant costs. Also, we did not complete or add to it for the same reasons
and due to the lack of need for additional premises. Therefore, we focused on
effective functional filling and identifying potential that will quickly and without
excessive costs to raise the attractiveness of the building and its further
transformation into a powerful cultural center of the city.
In our opinion, such a potential is a large area of a flat roof, and a significant height
of the building from the roof of which offers a panoramic view of the city and the Sea
of Azov. We decided to bring the roof of the building as close as possible to the area
it overlooks. To do this, we propose to implement the following two important
1. Filling the roof with various functions. Cafes, restaurants, stages, sports
grounds, greenhouses, play areas and more.
2. Arrangement of open stairs near the main entrance, which is visible from the
square. You can climb from the square to the roof without entering the
building of TSOU. There are also stairs from the yard of the building, which
are also filled with activities.
We also offer energy efficient modernization of the building, insulation of enclosing
structures, modernization and autonomy of energy supply (heating, power supply),
collection and purification of rainwater.

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