Step-up house

Step-up house

SVOYA studio
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Alexander Angelovsky


SVOYA studio as Designers

The interior of the residential house "STEP-UP House" with an area of 196m2 was designed by "SVOYA studio" for a young family. The existing configuration of the house made it possible to logically distribute the public and private areas.


In the entrance area there is a technical room with a basement for all engineering equipment of the house (water purification, heating and duct air conditioning and ventilation). There is also a compact guest bathroom. The spacious living room, combined with dining room and kitchen, has a separate hidden entrance to the study. A spacious pantry for food is located near the kitchen.


A spacious hallway-gallery leads to a private area. The children's area includes a bedroom, a game room and a children's bathroom. The master bedroom - is a separate block of flowing rooms. The room is combined with the transit-in closet going to the bathroom.


The decoration throughout the house corresponds to the nature of the environment and is made of natural materials. Soft color diluted with deep colors in textiles. Also great attention given to details which, without overloading the interior design creates its own atmosphere. Fireplace with three-way orientation in the living room allows you to keep its view from all points of space.


The history of this interior began with the design-project of two combined apartments in the city of Dnipro, but the process was suspended... This was justified by the desire for more space and your own home. The history of the “STEP-UP House” is the story of the growth of own desires and the number of the family of its owners.

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Build completed in 2021
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