Studio Flat at Tak Lee Building

Studio Flat at Tak Lee Building

Plot Architecture Office
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Studio Flat at Tak Lee Building

Plot Architecture Office as Architects

The objective of this project is to convert an old residential unit, located in a high-density 1970s residential complex and next to a relatively new business district of Hong Kong, into a contemporary urban studio for expatriates.

The original unit has architectural elements which manifest old memories of Hong Kong. The approach is to keep these characteristics, and to reintroduce materials associated with that period, but with a contemporary interpretation. New functional features are inserted in the recesses of the original structure to create a clean and subtle setting, which enhances the focus on these characters.

Various functions are united in this compact space. The multi-purpose counter that forms the kitchen top extends into a bar table and a desk, interlocks with a raised deck that connects with the bed. A multi-functional headboard spans across to accommodate a magazine rack, storage slots, lighting controls, concealed sockets and a recessed reading light to meet the routine of the habitant.

Project Credits
N M Bodecker Foundation
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N M Bodecker Foundation

Portland, OR, USA - Build completed in 2017
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