Visiondivision as Architects

This is a competition entry for a municipality building in Täby, a suburb outside Stockholm. A municipality building is both a general work space that constantly changes and evolves and a representative house for democracy. These different functions in one single building can give a rather messy impression and be hard to read and therefore unable to communicate its important content to its citizens. With our proposal have we tried to separate the different functions by layering them on each other and give them a different appearance depending on function. This clear idea is also stated in the interior of the building where the different parts are designed according to its function. The lower part of the building is the institutional and also the public. This part is designed as open and as accessible as possible. A grand stair goes from the main square to a smaller square that is shared with the adjacent library where outdoor meetings and other events can be arranged. An acrylic dome that holds the assembly hall pierces the main square from where you can look down on the meetings and also hear them with earphones; one of many democratic gestures that is typical for the lower part of the building to show the transparency in the politics. The upper part of the building is the non-public one where the officials can work in privacy. This part with general and highly effective offices is raised from the public sector thus creating a roof for the square.

Credits: Visiondivision through Anders Berensson & Ulf Mejergren

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