Tampere Tulli Halls
Schauman & Nordgren Architects

Tampere Tulli Halls

Schauman & Nordgren Architects as Architects

Schauman & Nordgren Architects, MASU Planning and Schauman Arkkitehdit are announced winners of the invited competition to design and build the new exhibition, shopping and housing hybrid and landscape in the old customs area in the center of Tampere. The jury awarded the proposal “Tulli Halls” a first prize.

History and future meets at Tulli Halls

Tulli is literally colored by its industrial heritage which also is a significant quality in the center of Tampere. The red brick is significant for the area and a also a robust parameter to build on, emphasizing heritage and at the same time creating generous conditions for long usage and durability. The tower is a beacon and focal point for Tamperes-, and Tullis future and will guide guests from the travel center and other parts of Tampere to this cultural arena of both indoor and outdoor spaces. Both the skyline and the experience in eyelevel will have a grounding in Tamperes proud heritage as well as aspiring future. The Tulli Halls will provide Tampere with an environment for future growth based on the city’s heritage. Tulli Halls enables attractive living conditions for a broad target group as well as a public environment where the citizens can meet and share knowledge, experiences and create new stories together in the heart of Tampere.

Qualitative outdoor and indoor spaces merge seamlessly together

The Tulli plaza is a meeting place and a space people pass and reside on various times of the day. It’s a space with a different pulse and flow depending on hour of the day as well as season. It will have a different purposes deepening on who you are and why you are visiting. Tulli plaza, an inclusive environment for everyone, an arena for culture emphasized by the identity of the surrounding buildings materiality, entry points and pathways from the urban fabric and adjacent streets. The indoor and outdoor spaces float together into a coherent platform for a variety of cultural activities. Tulli Halls offers a generous event space where the plaza and indoor environment merges into one experience. It’s an environment for local citizens to explore as well as a flexible space for larger events. The diverse palette of outdoor and indoor attractions unlocks possibilities for larger events, potentially organized together with the other buildings surrounding the plaza. The everyday at Tulli Halls offers a central meeting place for gatherings with family, friends, classmates or business partners indoor and outdoor all year around.

Urban culture and youth

Tulli Halls and the Tulli plaza facilitates bottom up initiatives for the people living in the vicinity. At the same time it facilitates larger events where all the adjacent ground floors is included as an attraction. Its an expose of the unseen, a space that can facilitate spontaneous initiatives from grass roots as well as established organisations. The event spaces and the plaza enable a new cultural intersection In Tampere. Tampere’s heritage is present in the brick materiality of the plaza, it’s a foundation to build upon and will make the new built environment in Tulli a physical atmosphere that breathes the spirit of Tampere from day one. This new meeting place will not only be a large public meeting place on the plaza but also a variety of intimate meeting places outside as well as within the building, unlock a sharing atmosphere for open dialogues within the new housing habitat as well as open spaces for larger gatherings and events.

A green and diverse building for a broad demographic group

In a Nordic climate the quality of the interior habitat is crucial in long periods of the year. Life in the Tulli Halls offers qualitative outdoor as well as indoor spaces for recreation. The dwellings will vary in size as well as spatial configuration. This will enable a work and live lifestyles with startups in “garage” like environment where you can show of your innovation as well as work. The apartments sizes and typologies will appeal for different tenants with different needs. Tulli Halls offer private and shared terraces integrated in the building with different types of meeting places indoor and outdoor. You can meet on the go in nodes inside the building as well as for planned gatherings on the roof terraces or in the rooftop sauna and common spaces with views towards the Näsiselkä and Näsijärvi.

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