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TANGE BY TANGE exhibition

TANGE BY TANGE exhibition

Kino Architects

Waro Kishi + K. Associates/Architects
Tokyo, Japan
Project Year
Nacása & Partners Inc.

TANGE BY TANGE exhibition

Kino Architects as Architects

The exhibition shows more than 70 pieces of contact sheets by KenzoTange who is well-known around the world. The contact sheets show his hand drawing which is the red line cropping on the photo. This exhibition presents how KenzoTange see his own architecture and how KenzoTange think and live with his architecture throughout the red line.   The following points are excellent.By incorporating a time axis in this exhibition plan, it made it possible to communicate with KenzoTange a great architect.

Specifically, The over 70 pieces of contact sheets contain photos the decade working period. During that period, there have been many projects that are in progress at the same time. Therefore, the exhibition plan is designed compared as his working timeline. We design the display stand position by following the timeline of each project.

Design of the display stand position is related with his timeline by aiming that the viewers could follow his thought, his personal experience and the history. Moreover, at court yard in the center of the exhibition, there are zoomed photos of contact sheet that already cropped from his red line draw and also have old aerial photographs of Tokyo that was shot by him when he was in his young days that can be seen from the 2nd floor. Such an exhibition plan. Rather than look at from the outside only the exhibition, it was to allow the exhibition experience, such as crawl up in it.

We have designed an exhibition from the viewpoint of the time axis. I think As a result, not only show the exhibits, it was realized the exhibition space as a communication forum for the author who created the exhibit with.こうした時間軸を取り入れた設計手法は歴史的な時Design approach that incorporates such a time axis is an effective technique for any exhibition with a historical background. It is considered that this design approach is to help to tell its history to the viewer.

KenzoTange had played an important architecture of post-war Japan in one hand. Not only an overview of the architecture he worked, was the exhibition plan to reach inclusive KenzoTange of thinking to historical background of the building was built.

As a result, architects and students who live in the modern can be simulated experience the experience of Tange beyond the time, it leads to the possibility that will change the future of society.

We used two printing techniques.The first is the UV printing. Since UV printing can be printed directly to the material, they were able to print white characters on display stand itself has been painted black. This technology was unnecessary color matching of black of black and paint printing.

The second is the Ink jet printing.Ink jet printing" has the weather resistance of the outdoors.Therefore it has become possible to exhibit with stretching increases the contact sheet with trimming instructions in the courtyard. And we were able to reproduce the landscape is KenzoTange captured from the Tokyo sky.

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