The Box Chapel

The Box Chapel

JAG Architecture
Oxford, New Zealand

The Box Chapel - Between Heaven and Earth

JAG Architecture as Architects

The Box Chapel is a building created through the purity of geometry, bereft of detail to emphasize the fall of light and shadow. Here the emphasis of elegance and simplicity enforces the idea of contemplation and spirituality through a deliberant placement of a contained space within a wider landscape. The deliberate design parti of the building set-out is from a careful proportioning of the form from macro to micro. A base dimension of a 3.0m grid has been used to create the geometry, pure and unequivably connecting all parts. The building conects to the ground emphasised by a terrace of formed flagstones. The Chapels position is lifted from this ground plane, making the only accessible route via a narrowed stair climbing to the Chapel, and Bell Tower and to the roof. Here the spiritual realm sits positioned, between Earth and Heaven - The Box Chapel.

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