The Hidden Gym

The Hidden Gym

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The Hidden Gym

24Storage as Architects

A dumbbell that disguises like a table lamp and a foam roller that serves as a flower vase. The creator behind “The Hidden Gym” is the self-storage company 24Storage that wants to inspire people to make room for workout at home, while at the same time, want people to reflect upon how we use the space in our home.

During this spring, many of us have been spending more time at home than usually, and some of us might have noticed the benefits of working out at home. However, instruction videos and apps only go so far. Dumbbells, bench presses and stationary bikes are not beautiful elements we want to implement in our interior. The collection The Hidden Gym from 24Storage serves as the opposite to the functional and ugly, and lets the equipment transform into design pieces, when they are not being used.

– We created The Hidden Gym because none of the existing equipments looks as good as the interior in our home. Aesthetics should not stand in the way of well-being and we want to inspire more people to make room for their workout at home, says Gabriel Bergqvist, Head of Brand & Business Development at 24Storage.

The collection consists of, among other things, a dumbbell that also serves as a table lamp, a foam roller that could be used as a vase and a coffee table made of walnut that conceals a bench press. When the equipment is not being used, it blends into the background and does not force one to either choose between a beautiful home or the benefits of working out at home.

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