The historic building dressed up as an English loft

The historic building dressed up as an English loft

Private Houses
Pieve di Soligo, Italy - Build completed in 2013
Enrico Dal Zotto

The historic building dressed up as an English loft

ECLISSE srl as Manufacturers

Located in the central Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II in Pieve di Soligo, the historic building is the result of distinct constructive incidents succeeded during the years. The building is rectangular and it develops on three levels. Many transformations and extensions are documented, in particular after the damages resulting from the wars of the first '900. The ancient building, presumably of the '700, was intended to house an hotel; from 1926 it became the seat of several banks. In 2005 the building was radically restructured with different scopes: commercial for the ground floor and residential for the remaining floors. In 2013, the young owner intervened to obtain an apartment from the wide spaces of the mansard roof. He lived for many years in London, so he was looking for something that reminded the London lofts. The project aimed to recover the ancient architectural structure, enhancing the original special design and formal characteristics, and to combine the new demands of contemporary life. When you get home it almost seems like you’re entering in a cathedral. The idea was to combine the classic elements like the shingle roof with the modernity of the white resin floor. The radical distinction - but also the complementarity - between old and new, can be clearly seen in the structures of the different mezzanines. Other elements that contributed to the final result of extreme synthesis and rigor are the Eclisse Syntesis Battente systems, integrated, flush with the wall and without frames.

How to “interpret” Eclisse Syntesis Battente: the Zebra door panel

Looking from the ground floor, the aesthetic impact of a continuous wall is what the observer thinks about. An element, like the zebra, tricks the eye of the observer so that he doesn’t realize that there’s a door behind.

Photographer: Enrico Dal Zotto

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