The Library

Cobe as Architects

The Library is an extension of an existing culture house combined with a new library and concert hall in Copenhagen’s north-west. The concept of the Library focuses around the creation of a space that is more than just a place you go to find books – the building also works a village hall, a community center and an urban space uniting the neighborhood. The building consists of 4 golden boxes displaced in proportion to each other - like a stack of books. At ground floor, there's a children's library, then a youth library, a library for adults and finally on top, a concert hall. The different volumes are connected with staircases and in the space between the boxes, are multi-purpose areas.

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Kindergarten Xaverius College
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Kindergarten Xaverius College

Xaveriusstraat, Borgerhout, Antwerp, Belgium - Build completed in 2018
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