The  Naka Hotel

The Naka Hotel

Kathu, Kathu District, Phuket, Thailand | View Map
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Mr. Wison Tungthunya

The Naka Hotel

DBALP JAM FACTORY as Manufacturers

We have been developing the project for the last two years for the design and construction. The hotel is now partly open in March 2013 and expected to continue its opening through phases until the end of 2013. The client has an inspiration to the project as of his personality than more to the branding of the hotel itself, since the brand of the hotel was initiated from its architectural design. I was so inspired by straightforward conversation with the client as well as his honest personality. And the architectural design was started from that possibility.

The design of The Naka Phuket was driven by the site context. The slope mountain side that collide into the valley enclosed beach inspired us as the project initiative. The 94 villas all ‘hanging’ form the slope with the bedroom afloat in the air is the key visual concept of the project. Each unit is fully separated and embrace by spectacular ocean view. The most challenging aspect of the project is also the site context itself. Constructing the elaborated villa structures on the tight sloped hill need the high integrity in design and workmanship to accomplish it. We spent a certain amount of time exploring the best structural and architectural solution to it and succeeded. Another aspect of challenge is to design the master plan of the project while keeping most of the significant trees. Some did died, though, but we manage to keep most of them. We created the project architecture to different approach for different part of the project, of which were all dominated by exceptional nature and existing landscaping context. Each building; the lobby, the restaurant, the wedding chapel, the spa and the villas, each of them has their own characteristic within their own poetry. Always cherish the context of all aspect of the project in every piece of my work. I love the natural material and the possibility to express it with authenticity. I was so inspired my modernist art and architecture. Simple Euclidean forms always lead the way for my architecture.

Most material combination are among wood, steel, glass, refined fabric, glass mosaic and several kinds of unique natural stones. The reason for all these natural material is because we believe architecture should be authentic to its materiality. And that would be the only way any architecture can be fully expressive. Each part of the project in different ways. The Lobby has the significant of place establishment by its phenomenon structure. The Restaurant has a unique framed view of architecture that integrated with the view of the ocean. The Wedding Chapel has a different characteristic of elaborated simplicity. And the SPA has the astonishing view from higher-in-the-sky perspective. I have one of the villa as my favorite on the top of the mountain that I gave a special design to it. And I give it the privilege as an Architect’s Key. We chose to work with the certain local brand that deliver the aspect of modern language within the local context. The interior design was meant to be simplistically claim and comfort. We work with our preferred local lighting design team, APLD, for all lighting design of the project, inside and outside. And the main brief is to providing lighting design that well integrated into the architecture and providing light within sublimity.

The site is separated from other context of the Phuket and Patong beach, as it situated in a private beach valley. I called this the perfect ‘sanctuary’ situation, which will make this site a perfect scenario for a luxury resort design. And this opportunity is truly once in a life time.

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