The Origin of Texture | C House

The Origin of Texture | C House

Shantou, Guangdong, China
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Private Houses
Ouyang Yun

The Origin of Texture | C House


Life is like a drama, during work-time, we're trying our best to play various roles with different people and things in each scene, after returning home, what we want is to enjoy a stage that only belongs to ourselves.


Most of the houses nearby are decorated in a luxurious style, while after communicating with the owner, the designers made a new attempt through an advanced and restrained design technique. With the origin of texture as the design concept, they tried to convey the owner's desire for an original state of life by different textures, and let him return to a comfortable and natural living environment.


Black is running through each space, the calm and subtle atmosphere it creates can smooth anxiety and enable people to slow down and listen to the inner heart. Black is mysterious and charming, its hidden strength gives people the courage to explore the unknown. The black wall is dignified and elegant, just like the indoor background of a stage.


The combination of black, grey and light creates a strong sense of drama. The center of this design is people, each place under the light reminds people to focus on the present moment. In this drama about home, the leading role is you. With the integration of white and wood color, the clam space becomes a little bit more casual and free.


In the living room, the background of the sofa is made of hand-crafted stone pieces, together with a leaf painting, then an original and natural feeling is created. The art ornaments emphasize the sense of humor in space and life, enhance the emotion and artistic flavor. The void artwork is standing still just like a man, it's not only a silent object, but also a witness of pleasure, anger, sorrow and joy in life.


The dining room and living room is divided by a sofa, so that the layout is more fluent and open. A large area of glass windows bring natural light into the room and create a dazzling mirror effect through the tile reflection. The application of natural wood materials in the reception hall expresses the most concise spatial essence. The simple and exquisite bedroom reflects a quiet and pure state, and its wood background echoes with the wood furniture in the public area to achieve integrality in design. The details in the space inadvertently show the humanistic care, meanwhile, create a textured tone.


The design encourages people to feel and discover through looking, touching and listening. When night falls, you open the lights and music, forget the exhaustion, and a drama that returns to life itself begins.

Main Materials: wood veneer, hand-made gray marble, multilayered wood floor, tile, matt white paint, hand-crafted vanish

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