The tree of possibilities

The tree of possibilities

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The tree of possibilities

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My entry name is “The tree of possibilities” it was inspired on nature andcolors.

I wanted to create a design full of life, telling a story about Euramax andAludesign.

I know that for Euramax sustainability is a major aspect to its companyphilosophy, reflected in the products and processes and therefore Ichoose for the most vivid representation with a tree as a focal point,decorated with flowers and birds, which speaks a universal language andthat will be understood in any culture and any country. With my design Iwant to transmit a clear message that speaks to all. The trees are inconstant growth, the birds fly high with no limits on the places they canreach, and flowers decorate our world.

During my research for this project I decided to visit the facilitymyself, I wanted to see the surroundings; because my intention with thisdesign is to decorate the factory wall making a statement for employees &visitors about the company philosophy but also to every person that passesby in front of the wall.

I wanted to bring everyone, the experience of joy and happiness as well toportrait the representation of the company and the possibilities ofAludesign in terms of color size and beauty.

I agree with Euramax about the belief that Aludesign will change the worldof architecture and I want to be part of it with my contribution decoratingtheir facility.

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