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Time Warner

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Denver, CO, USA

Time Warner

Teknion as Manufacturers


Time Warner ATG is a group of approximately 70 people, primarily engineers

and other high-tech staff. Recently, the Advanced Technology Group moved

into an historic building in Denver’s Lower Downtown district, a mixed-used

neighborhood with structures that date back to the 1860s gold rush. Once a

manufacturing facility for horse-drawn carriages, the Time Warner building

has the exposed brick and raw beams of a warehouse, and was in many ways

ideal for creating the non-traditional workspace desired. The loft-like interior

is spacious enough to contain a number of open collaborative spaces, as well as

50 individual workstations, several private offices, plus conference rooms and a

lounge area. 


Creating a modern workplace to energize and inspire a highly innovative group

of high-tech employees was a top priority. Time Warner wanted modern

furniture that could be used to create flexible, collaborative spaces, open

workbench areas and individual workstations with a clean, contemporary

aesthetic. Because the Web Services Group works primarily in teams, using

multiple monitors, flip charts and white boards, the client wanted workstations

equipped with large whiteboards and under-worksurface storage to maintain

openness and allow workers to communicate easily and instantaneously.

Conference rooms required furniture to support state-of-the-art technology,

including teleconferencing systems.

Initially, Teknion had to dispel the misconception that if we did not offer

a furniture system suited to the client’s needs. Fortunately, the Teknion

representative was able to impress Time Warner with the superior aesthetics,

functionality and flexibility of products like the Marketplace worktable, Leverage workstations and Teknion dna lounge seating - intelligently designed furniture products ideal for creating the modern collaborative workspace desired. 


Time Warner felt that the Marketplace worktable was the best choice for creating an open, collaborative work area. Its uninterrupted span provides sufficient room to support pair programming, as well as space for documents, monitors and electronic The Leverage system can be combined with District storage to meet the criteria of unique workstations with a refined look at a mid-range price point. Expansion Desking was specified for private offices and Expansion meeting tables for conference rooms. For casual meetings and touchdown spaces, dna modular lounge seating was used to create versatile areas that could be endlessly rearranged to adapt to the activities of different users. Complementary tables support the use of laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. 

Ultimately, Teknion fulfilled all of the client’s needs and desires: a clean, contemporary aesthetic coupled with the flexibility to provide a broad functional repertoire. Teknion’s integrated product portfolio also allowed the client to select furniture for specific needs in different spaces, while creating a unified look through coordinated colors and finishes. Integrated product design was key to the success of this project. 

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