Topografías del placer

Topografías del placer

Lorna de Santos
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Topografías del placer

Lorna de Santos as Architects

This project is a call to reflect on the frenetic activity of our society through which we invite visitors to Casa Decor 2020 to live a Wabi-Sabi experience. A spiritual, internal and subjective way of life and a philosophical construction that through events in space allude to pure materials, art and a aesthetic ideal.


Our goal is to create an aesthetic paradigm that is natural based to give back the sense and reason of the art of living.Go back to a more contemplative way of living, stop in time and space from this frenetic 21st century.We defend a project where sustainability is one of the most important facts since our goal is to recover craft workshops in our country.


The continuous wall and floor cladding is made of cement with marine litter. The main idea was to install a continuous wooden floor mat, appealing to its inverse concept of its standard use. Sculpting with geometry was important to make people feel this experience. Opening the wall to reveal the fireplace was the way to invite you to come into our space.


This project is made up of a single element, in which geometries are sculpted to make experiences happen. When people enter the space though an asymmetrical mouthpiece that collects the shelving on the sofa side, the front elevation filters the light with a linen panel that makes the light be perceived up front and not by a single window.


The remaining walls are for contemplation, in one of them a fireplace that evades you from the moment. In the next wall you can find the artwork called Gravity by Lorna Smith where a thinker character is the protagonist of this experience.


All lines from the different blueprints are at the same height. The wooden log, the bench and the sofa are 50cm from the finished floor, as well as the shelf and glaze. For us this is a very important premise, since the accuracy of lines where the ones able to give us a greater sense of harmony and peace of mind.

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