Transformatie marktplein Nieuwegein

Transformatie marktplein Nieuwegein

Dok architecten
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Transformatie marktplein Nieuwegein

Dok architecten as Architects

A new identity for Nieuwegein.

Dok architects won the assignment to design a new commercially attractiveand lively Market Square with shops in the existing Hoogstadplein (main townsquare) in Nieuwegein.

Dok architects submitted drawings for the market and the main shoppingprecinct, which has a functional mix of a commercial programme with a richhousing supply. This means the liveliness also continues beyond the shops’opening hours. The openings between the blocks of flats make the total blocksmaller and ensure that the shopping precinct, as well as the second levelbetween the blocks of flats, has sufficient light and air. This second groundlevel is designed as a luxurious roof garden. There is space for car parking,storage, and plant and machinery underneath the square.

The richly decorated shop fronts with vertical `collars’ of white plastic createsa new urban environment of intimacy with a convivial atmosphere on the ovalmarket square with trees and outdoor cafés. A folly housing with a limitedcatering function will identify the square for passing cars and approach roads.

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