TS Apartment

TS Apartment

snkh studio
Yerevan, Armenia
Project Year
Sona Manukyan & Ani Avagyan

TS Apartment

snkh studio as Architects

T.S. apartment is located in the most buzzing neighborhood of Yerevan - Cascade, in a Stalinist era neoclassical building. The first floor is strangely small as it occupies only the half of the original apartment which was split into two parts. There's only the entry zone, the bathroom and the bedroom, which creates some kind of reversed functional scheme where the active part of the apartment is located upstairs, under the sloping roof. A small balcony of the bedroom is the only point that overlooks the Cascade where during the warm days a lot of open air concerts are held. The client wanted a bedroom that could easily transform so he could host friends to enjoy the concerts.

The second floor consists of three parts: the main "public space", the terrace and a room which has completely different mood than the rest of the apartment. It hosts an art collection, TV, a poker table, there are a lot of antique carpets on the floor, and the room also serves as a guest bedroom. One of the main ideas of the project was to make possible to merge the terrace, the public space and the room into one space, to create many scenarios of use.

The cement flooring, plywood, and bold colors are the main accents of this project. The staircase is also a very important element with its contrasting and graphical appeal, and as we consider, the round mirror, in the middle of the staircase, is the focal point of the apartment. It reflects light from the skylight to the entry area, creates optical illusions from different viewpoints, connects the first floor to the second and brings reflected burgundy red color to the mainly monochromatic first floor.

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