TSUJIRI, Chinatown

MIMSTUDIOS as Designers

The design of Tsujiri’s new London shop aims for a sense of simplicity through the use of large uninterrupted surfaces as it draws inspiration from traditional Japanese art and architecture. Detail and intricacy come through the materiality of these surfaces as in the grains of the timber ceiling and stone countertop.


Upon entry, visitors are guided straight under the curving timber ceiling where they can place their orders. The curved service counter then directs them back towards the seating area at the shop front. Also here, tucked behind the counter, is the staircase leading up to the mezzanine level where additional seating area can be found. Contrasting shades of grey applied in large swaths onto the walls and to the floor clearly delineate areas of service and rest. 


Curved elements in the interior resonates with the existing shop front design and canopy creating a cohesive overall reading. The softness these geometries bring into the space are reinforced with the warmth of the timber and the indirect lighting they receive, creating a cozy and serene atmosphere amongst the bustling Chinatown street the new shop is located on.


Built-in display shelves on both level are decorated with the traditional Japanese tea boxes which will be the complementary backdrop for the many who come in to enjoy the long lasting experience of matcha at Tsujiri’s new hot spot. 

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