Tucheng sports center

Tucheng sports center

No.247-1, Sec.2, Jincheng Rd., Tucheng Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan
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Tucheng sports center

Q-LAB as Architects

Tucheng Sports Center is composed of three interlocking block which stack on top of each other. Both the red block (the basketball courts) and the grey block (the ice hockey rink) cantilever 9 meters out from the blue block (the swimming pool), which in turn creates a continuous covered walkway below for the semioutdoor activities, such as casual strolling, rock climbing or street dancing.

The exterior windows of the building incorporate perforated aluminum cladding at the front and glass at the back, which allows sunlight to be filtered gently into the interior space. With this cladding, one is able to look out from within with maximum transparency, but at the same time, privacy is maintained when looking in from the outside. Moreover, the design of exterior is composed of three colors, each with an array of palette gradients. The arrangement of colors is the direct result of heat gain study using Vasari software analyzing the climate pattern of New Taipei City, both in the hottest and the coldest day of summer and winter. This design of the exterior pattern also tries to represent the motion of speed of the various sports housed within.

With the three parts intersecting each other, the interior space is generated with the maximum of visual connectivity, which allows visitors to see beyond their own sports space. For example, when inside the swimming pool, one is able to see the other sports, such as the gym, the snooker room, and yoga rooms, located on the second floor, and vice versa. Tucheng Sports Center is a public building that celebrates both orizontality and verticality in a three dimensional environment. It explores the opportunity of engaging visitors with height differences in buildingsection, and at the same time brings people together with an open floor plan. It is a building with delightful surprises at every turn as well as on every level.

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