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Tylevich Studio

Tylevich Studio

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© Jeff Goldberg/Esto

Through the Safety Lens

Tylevich Studio as Public Art


Visually spontaneous and architecturally straightforward, the atrium artwork is a vibrant addition to the building. Three transparent rings, suspended in mid-air, visually interlock, tilt and float at different heights above the grand staircase.


The dichroic glass components of the rings were fabricated using a single mold. The rings contain many visual surprises, which viewers discover by zooming into the artwork through a magnifying lens. A friendly K-9 dog is happy to assist you.


The artwork is fully integrated into the building’s design. The suspended rings reference the curvature of the building and the ‘chain link’ interconnection between the different departments housed in the building. They even bring to mind memories of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.


The curves of the tilted arcs correspond to the shape of the Public Library Building, designed by Moshe Safdie, positioned across the plaza.



Photo: 01 by © Jeff Goldberg/Esto

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