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Tylevich Studio

Tylevich Studio

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Tylevich Studio as Public Art

The purpose of this sculpture is to create a focal point at the entrance of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church.


The sculpture consists of five 24-foot-high poles; it is crowned with a set of 10 symbolic petals, made of a stainless steel screen material. The suspended petals are held in position by stainless steel cables. Five of the petals remain in fixed position, while the other five can be adjusted — ‘closed’ or ‘fully open’ —at any point within a desired timeframe. The five movable petals of the sculpture form a symbolic Luther Rose. This iconic image was the liturgical foundation for the concept.


The experience of this sculptural installation reaches its highest point of celebration when its petals move upward, taking the shape of a “praying” rose. A subtle but dynamic light show accompanies the petals’ movements.

The movement of the petals accompanies a subtle but dynamic light show

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