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Hongcheon-gun, South Korea
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Hongcheon-gun (洪川) Daegok-ri(垈谷), which literally means “wide lake” and “high mound”, is a name that alludes to the long persisting conditions of the land. A vertical cliff at an altitude of 100m, known as the Sori-san mountain range, Sari-gol Valley, looks down on the site from as little a distance as 40m away. The scale of the cliff,pinned down with enormous stones, and the vitality of the unwittinglyflourishing vegetation within it, overwhelms the surroundings.

The wind that passes through the valley forms a sense of movement which shakes the entirety of the cliff. The small gestures of the trees, each of which shake according to their weight, come together to form a flowing cliff. How could architecture embody the seasons and the climate, as well as the movement and flow of the cliff which change with each and every instant?

This project has been asked by a retired business man from fashion industry. For a retired life, he wanted a unique and meditative accommodation located in a deep valley. The important point of this project was how local small accommodations, so it called as "Pension", can be architecturally evolved. To do so, I conceived an individual interpretation for the nature and an analysis for diverse views from position of guests to extract a new spatial experience.

It varies from families for one night trip to couples for a date. All of them want to take a rest at a fancy space without any disruption. They can experience a new spatiality via multi-leveling floor plan that living room, main bedroom, Korean style bedroom, bathroom, terrace and spa are divided through different levels rather than partitions. The reason of multi-leveling is that various levels can offer the diverse relationship between guest and natural scenery, which enables a colorful appreciation for the nature.

Mountain viewed from the site delivered the image of flying solid mass. Also, I expected that oblique lines made by concrete mass can contrast with irregular and varied lines of the nature. In this respect, diagonal column and cantilever and upper and lower parts connected with twist generate active shapes harmoniously diversified with natural scence. It is a kind of dealing with hilly land through minimizing contact surface. This incidently creates as if cantilever masses talked with hilly land.

U RETREAT is faced with a cliff on the opposite side. As if the cliff were a big picture altering seasonally. U RETREAT naturally embraces colorful scenes of the cliff via glass window and multi-leveled platforms of concrete. U RETREAT has two types; upper unit (108m2) and lower unit (49m2). The lower unit is faced with ground and separated from the upper unit although they are linked within one mass. The upper unit has sky terrace and spa where we can enjoy meditative bath seeing the cliff and sky.

Utility space plays a role as a concierge, cafe, restaurant with small kitchen. It supports outdoor activity within U RETREAT for swimming, barbecue, and meditation.

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