Masao Nishikawa


APOLLO Architects and Associates as Architects

This residence located in a suburban Tokyo neighborhood sits adjacent to the client’s mother’s house. It is a new take on the multi-generation residence, allowing the mother to go back and forth as she pleases between her own home and that of her son and his wife.


The simple exterior is clad in black Galvalume (aluminum-zinc alloy coated sheet steel). Past the approach, which evokes the nostalgic mood of a narrow lane, one steps into the entryway and encounters a large courtyard at the center of the C-shaped plan. Next to the entryway is an open tatami-floored room that can be used as either a guest room or a second living room, and beyond that is a bedroom for the client’s mother. Both rooms enjoy excellent views of the courtyard. On the other side of the entryway is an open, sunny bathroom filled with light from an adjacent courtyard that also serves as a laundry-drying area.   


The large main courtyard directly facing the living-dining-kitchen area features wood decking and a “symbol tree.” The fully custom-designed, professional-grade kitchen is open and easy to use, with a pantry area offering plenty of storage space for this couple who enjoy cooking on a regular basis. Cabinets built seamlessly into the walls of the living-dining-kitchen area enable an uncluttered look, while natural light from skylights contrasts powerfully with the dark brown interiors.    


Past the living room, the children’s room and master bedroom face the mother’s bedroom and guest room across the courtyard. All rooms of the house thus enjoy views of the courtyard as well as a sense of connectivity with one another, with the living-dining-kitchen area serving as the core. This feeling of unity is the defining feature of the project. 

Material Used :

1. Exterior Finish: Galvalume

2. Floor: WalnutFlooring and tile Flooring

3. Wall: Emulsion Paint

4. Ceiling: Lauan Plywood

5. Lighting: LED

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Product Spec Sheet

Exterior Finish Galvalume
Lighting designSirius Lighting Office
Product Spec Sheet
Exterior Finish
Lighting design
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