Umwelt Arena

Rene Schmid Architekten as Architects

Building Aesthetics and ecology converge in the architecture of the Umwelt Arena. A striking architectural feature of the Umwelt Arena is the crystalline roof structure with the photovoltaic system integrated into the building. This is intentional design. The large hall (arena) forms the centrepiece and conveys an open and inviting atmosphere.

Building services Solar heat is used to cool the Umwelt Arena in summer and heat it in winter. This is done by means of a distribution network (TABS) in the concrete floors and an earth tube system beneath the base plate of the bottom parking level. Cold water circulates through the network of pipes in summer, hot water in winter. The circulating water uses the difference in temperature in the earth collector and the large stor-age tanks to deposit excess heat or cold from the building interior in the storage media according to the season or requirements. Any excess heat or cold that cannot be accommodated by the water tanks is stored in the earth collector. The equipment used in this innovative heating and ventilation system runs on solar power and ultimately makes it possible to run a building with carbon-neutral services.

Photovoltaic system The roof-integrated photovoltaic system produces more (CO2-free) electricity than is needed to run the building.

Exhibitions Umwelt Arena helps visitors to experience and understand sustainability and environmental technology. Visitors will find information and products on the theme of “modern life” under one roof. Experts and lay people alike can become acquainted with the subject over an area of 5,400 m2 and compare technolo-gies, products and services on the spot – in a clear and practical way.

Events area A unique setting for seminars, trade shows, conventions, events and banquets. Various multipurpose rooms are available for occasions ranging from small meetings to large-scale events.

The glass façade: safe, highly effective and visually perfect

mai public relations GmbH as Publishers

The design of the glass façade represents a major element of the efficient and sustainable energy concept. It involved meeting several challenges: the building’s strict thermal insulation requirements had to be fulfilled, while the steep inclination of the façades demanded attention to specific safety aspects. The aesthetic criteria formed a further issue, as the glass façades had to harmonise with the overall appearance. This is why a triple insulated glass from Glas Trösch/EUROGLAS with the ACS edge seal system was chosen.

The design of the façade glass meets the demanding requirements of the building: 12mm laminated safety glass (LSG) with SILVERSTAR SELEKT coating is used on the exterior surface. With large inclined façade surfaces on the Umwelt Arena, the laminated glass meets safety requirements, even in the event of damage. Behind the LSG is a 14mm gap filled with argon and then 6mm toughened glass. Finally, toughened glass with a ZERO E coating is used on the interior side, ensuring extremely low thermal losses. The ACSplus edge seal system, made of silicone foam, additionally ensures “warm edges” and further improves the window’s U value. The system is also visually superior to conventional spacers. The silicone foam is processed entirely automatically with the special-purpose RAA (Robot Assisted Application) method and guarantees extremely straight and parallel lines with precise corner formation. Overall, the triple insulated glass achieves a Ug value of 0.6 W/m2K with a overall energy transmittance of just 38 percent. At the same time, with a light transmittance of 60 percent, the glass allows a great deal of daylight into the interior. More information:

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