Unbounded room

Unbounded room

SODA architects
Xinguangda Center,Tongzhou, Beijing,China
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Private Houses

Unbounded room

SODA architects as Architects

This project is an apartment built for Guangdainvestement group with the theme of " Ideal Living Unite of Future". Beyond space and dimensional restrictions are a brand-new exploration of the future living space by SODA Architects.

Generally, the boundary of space is defined by its physical location. Using digital materials to break the physical boundary and using the digital images as the connection with different dimensions to achieve the elegant fusion of “screen wall” and “the wall Transparent” is the starting point of our design.

Unbounded Time

Inside of this residential unit, four screens of different sizes are respectively embedded into three wall surfaces. We set different content themes for the four screens. For example, three of the screens will play Paris Live, NASA's 24-hour live broadcast and local TV content in Beijing, so that the residents can feel different time states through the different screens.

When people see the sunset in Beijing through real windows, Paris is still sunny in the virtual window inside the house. When they wake up in the morning, the dark boundless universe sent back by NASA is just on the screen beside the bed.

In such a space, the concept of time is blurred. It is stretched and expanded through all the screens, making people have different time impressions and enrich emotional experience. The screen is not only having its basic function, it also affects the feeling of living.

Unbounded space

The most direct medium connecting the indoor space and the outside world is the window. Therefore, we re-selected the windowing area and extended the geometric texture of this rectangle to the closed solid walls on both sides of the unit. The screens, displays and light boxes on the three walls are arranged in a mixed arrangement, which breaking the fixed feeling of traditional solid space boundary and forms an irregular "screen wall".

Another thing in the space with a strong sense of boundary is the wall itself. The thick wall defines a clear zone. For this reason, we used Dupont Tyvek paper to naturally blend the windows, light boxes and displays together to form a new multimedia "perspective The Wall".On the back of the paper, LED light sources are evenly distributed. Passing through “the wall Transparent”, the light becomes softer, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere for the space and a warm living environment with the spirit of exploring the future.

Through the combination of design and technology, we hope to break the hard boundaries of traditional residential units. The walls are as transparent as if it could penetrate, weakening their thick feeling. As a multimedia material, the screen is not bound by its form. The display content can be either a dynamic landscape image combined with the scenery outside the window or a digital window in the information age.

This project is the practice of "media space" that we advocate. Digital content will bring about the perfection of function and the optimization of experience for the space, making the space full of dynamic flexibility and interest. Creating a warm、comfortable atmosphere and an elegant living environment with the spirit of exploring the future.

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