Villa Lystad

Villa Lystad

Lie Øyen arkitekter
Larvik, Norway
Project Year
Private Houses
Stig Jensen

Villa Lystad

Lie Øyen arkitekter as Architects

The villa is built in Larvik, Norway in a small coastal settlement.The built environment consists of traditional, white wooden houses. Idyllic, but also weather ridden, there was an aspiration to make a house where one could experience the seascape and sky from the inside, as well as find sheltered outdoor spaces for different seasons, weather and times of day.


An overall design decision was to make a C-shaped plan organization, so that the house itself made a sheltered court in its midst. The court creates a welcoming entrance square and is a sheltered outdoor space from which one can enjoy the sea view through the two glass facades of the main living area. In calmer weather, the front garden will be in use, as well as the large roof terrace where there will always be a breeze, even in the hottest summer days.


Another sought- after quality was the possibility of dividing the house into zones so that at least two families could stay at the same time rather separately. The building adapts to the terrain using a variation of levels toseparate the two living rooms, one in each end of the house. Because of the uneven site both levels have entrances from the ground level on different sides of the building.


The first level consists of a multipurpose room and kitchen in the front part facing south and a unique view. A hallway, three bedrooms and two bathrooms are placed in the middle part, and storage space in the darker areas. A garage with room for two cars, a backdoor leading into the villa and an office is placed on the second level. In addition to this there is also a second multipurpose room with space for a small kitchen and an exit to a large roof top terrace.


The buildinghasa modern look with its white fiber cementwall cladding, aluminium window frames and large glass surfaces. As a built object, the villa adapts to the terrain, and the bright white façade makes a connection to the more traditional surroundings.

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