Villa Piano Tavola

Villa Piano Tavola

Sebastiano Adragna
Catania, Italy
Private Houses

Villa Piano Tavola

Sebastiano Adragna as Architects

To be more precise it is a family House for holiday in the Province of Catania (You can find in attachment some shots of the project). It is a new construction, characterized by two levels, the basement, or sleeping area with a private garden courtyard and ground floor or the living area, overlooking the basement where the pool is placed. The program has favored the functional and organic sides of visual relationships with the external space. The ground floor becomes a podium overlooking the outdoor space around the pool, and thanks to large windows it amplifies the external space, extending it visually inside the house.

During summer, when the weather allows to fully open the external frames, the living area becomes part of the solarium near the swimming pool, enabling full use of spaces. Concerning the setting aspects, the upper floor can be seen as a large slab which rests on the podium, and bends on itself, as if it was an "origami" and becomes wall and covering. The steps that connect the podium with the basement are emphasized, as if to create an outdoor theater that turns towards the pool, which is the center of the intervention. The pool, together with the work of fence, are previous interventions to the project, and therefore follow a different language, which was not refer to.

Project Credits
Arnhem Rozet
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Arnhem Rozet

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Arnhem, Netherlands - Build completed in 2013
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