Villa T

Villa T

Time Architects
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Hiroyuki Oki

Villa T

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The project is located in Cu Chi, an outskirt of Ho Chi Minh city. The client demanded an open space towards a modern form, but contains in it the traditional life from his hometown. We work with him, together, choosing and coordinating, to create a balance between tradition and modernity in the house.

Restrictions on height and construction area require us to find a new way of thinking about living space. We design the house as if it were a person, having a personality. The house will interact with the people living in it, as well as reconcile the atmosphere inside the house with the outside. Instead of focusing on design theories, we focus on practical experiences that will arise when family members move in. We solve those problems at the construction site, with every possible tool.

For us, Villa T is a living space, rather than a house. The strong point of the project is its openness. From outside or inside the house, one can feel the activities of the remaining members in the house. And from inside the house, one can also feel the nature outside spread into the house.

Three families will live here in the future. For us, it is important to create a common, warm and accessible living space: the kitchen space and the living room. Set in the middle of the house, surrounded by corridors, with the spaces closing and opening alternatively, family members can easily meet, exchange and talk to each other: essential activities in the home.

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