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Bauwerk Parquet

Manufacturers from Neudorfstrasse 49 , St. Margrethen, Switzerland
Today, other criteria are more important than a few years ago. People do not just buy flooring but rather they specifically choose Bauwerk in order to define their living space consciously according to their needs.

We understand this desire and view our unique parquet as a stage for a wide range of styles and forms of living as well as worlds where people live and work. Architectural concepts, stylish living and an expression of one’s personal living environment are where we begin with our parquet floors. To achieve this, we work just as closely with design institutions as with renowned designers and architects in Europe’s major urban centres.

The conscious defining of living space

At Bauwerk Parkett, we already began to examine the task of the conscious defining of living space” at the beginning of the twentieth century. Ernst Göhner (1900-1971), one of Switzerland’s great pioneers in the last century, began to think about this question at a young age. The Göhner Family made a name for itself with revolutionary developments in the area of living space for people. Whether the problem was the development of flat living concepts or an expansion with windows or parquet floors, the clever tinkerer always seemed to come up with some surprising solutions.

Innovation and pioneering spirit

Ernst Göhner laid the foundation for the present company in Seefeld, near Zurich, Switzerland, in 1935. He had already used his expertise in woodworking earlier in the manufacture of wooden bodywork for the Germany automobile industry. In 1935, Paul Hofer developed a process and was awarded a patent for mosaic parquet. Bauwerk purchased the manufacturing rights for Lignofloor parquet in 1939. In 1942, the development of mosaic parquet was advanced with TUFA in Altstätten. In 1944, Göhner moved parquet production from Altstätten to St. Margrethen in eastern Switzerland, the current site. Together with J. Vannini, Göhner official founded Bauwerk Parkett in 1947. Its mission was the manufacture of parquet and the development of modern parquet processing machines. The latter were exported around the world beginning in 1952. Years of continued optimization and innovation followed. Sites in Austria (1954) and Germany (1987) were set up. In 1984, the one-millionth square meter of parquet left the production facility. In 2007, the introduction of the most successful Bauwerk innovation took place: Monopark. 2010 can rightfully be called the Year of Awards. The company not only received the award for the best export market entry from the OSEC but also the Designer’s Award in Bronze at the Designers’ Saturday in Langenthal, Switzerland. The growth strategy will be continued with a pan-European expansion through the building of the Bauwerk Boen Group.

Sustainability and ecological responsibility

The future of our children is born of our present. This not only applies to our families but also to Bauwerk Parkett. Anyone, who works with a natural material, such as wood, develops a special sense for responsibly working together with nature. And, whoever understands the delicate balance of our ecosystem, understands how demanding this work is. We take the special task of our responsibility for the future at Bauwerk Parkett very seriously – socially as well as ecologically.

Controlled and certified wood sources: Nearly 95% of our wood comes from certified sustainable and reforested areas in Europe. The world’s most stringent wood and forest laws prevail here. One of the oldest and strictest is the Swiss Forestry Act of 1835, which allows for sustainable forestry practices exclusively. At Bauwerk, we only process wood in accordance with FSC ® Forest Stewardship Council rules and our own, high «controlled wood origin» standards.

Environmental and Safety Report: Bauwerk Parkett has published an annual Environmental and Safety Report for the last several years. An internal committee develops and checks processes to improve the company's ecology continuously. Energy savings and the careful handling of precious resources - even in small ways - are important tasks and are documented in the Environmental and Safety Report. In the meantime, even waste wood at Bauwerk Parkett is used to make CO²-neutral wood briquettes.

Guaranteed healthful for living: Not everything, which is good for the environment, is also good for the residents. With Bauwerk Parkett, you can be sure that both parties benefit equally well. Because we place a special emphasis on the development of flooring, which is healthful for living.

Facts & Figures

For the last 70 years, we have been manufacturing high-quality parquet flooring in Switzerland at Bauwerk Parkett. Two-layer parquet from Bauwerk Parkett sets the standard for the industry, and the company is still recognised as the inventors of high-quality, manufactured parquet. The highest standards for quality and competence, healthful for living and a good feeling, ecological and social responsibility – all of these are reflected in our flooring.

With around 600 employees in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Italy, Bauwerk Parkett produces and sells over 400 different parquet floors and the corresponding range of accessories. Interested end users, designers, interior decorators and architects discover the entire world of parquet in our more than 20 parquet worlds.