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Void in a Forest

Void in a Forest

YDS Architects
Nerima, Japan
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YDS Architects

Void in a Forest

YDS Architects as Principal Architect

This is a 5-story housing built in the site next to a big Park. Taking in the beautiful nature around the site is the theme. Taking in the beautiful nature around the site is the theme. Placing a court softly articulated it from the trees nearby by louvers, this court functions as a square, and stairs in the court functions as a path. Overlapping the street over the court, the aim is to invoke communication in the open air space between the residents.

Among the units, two of them directly face the court, so these two units are like detached houses like ‘a house within an apartment’. In these two units, you reach the units via the court, so you need to go outside after entering the entrance hall. Living in these units, you would be able to get the nature which is might be lost in our life in apartments. Getting natural light and wind result in a better living and environment.

To expand the apartment to the city nearby, creating a frame of glass with post in the hall by thin steel frames is the solution. This glass functions as a node between the housing and the city.Light and wind come from the court which is paved with natural slates. The entrance hall connects with the court and the city.

This is an attempt to create an environment where living spaces smoothly expand from every unit to the public spaces and the city.

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