Wanderlust Eyecare

Coorlas Architecture LLC as Architects

Traveling changes us. It inspires us, shifts our perspective, and makes us see things in new ways; often more clearly. Wanderlust Eyecare is a boutique optometry & eyewear shoppe that aims to parallel the sensation of transcendence experienced while traveling, exploring, and discovering the new.

Owners Dr. Faye Gamboa & Shwin Srikulacheep travel around the globe passionately in search of eyewear-fashion influenced by its origin & native culture. Through research and curation of expertly-designed products & brands, their new flagship shoppe location serves as a portal for visitors to virtually experience remote destinations around the world.

Customers are welcomed into an open, zestful, and charming space, thoughtfully composed to encourage the exploration of imported eyewear and accessories. The entry sequence offers visitors an immediate glance at the quality product offered by Wanderlust Eyecare. Glasses, frames and other exotic eyewear accessories are hosted on uniquely-suspended, handcrafted White Maple wood-shelving, accented overhead by corresponding wood louvered ceiling joists, and intimately lit by concealed track lighting. The product-shelving is intentionally located within defined corridors of space, promoting customer movement, and exploration.

Contrasting the dynamic browsing experience are regions of uniformly illuminated continuous finished surfaces. These simplified regions are designed to offer the customer a moment of repose and tranquility. Large frame-like massings created by solid white walls & ceilings are used to hug the human scale by hovering above. These regions of calmness are complimented and made functional by custom-crafted White Maple service tabletops, designed with a waterfall-edge that echoes the grander framed space.

The synthesis of designed millwork pieces and spatial composition is used to place customers in a suspended state of transcendence. This is the invigorating feeling we receive when we begin to grow from traveling, exploring and discovering the new; This is the experience Wanderlust will provide to you.

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