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Spectacular View This project is designed for the complex facilities combined with a restaurant and the residential facilities which are located at the entrance of a famous Korea representative mountain – Mt. Keryong. This site is located at the heart of Mt. Keryong unfolding to 4 sides and also to be unfolded to 360 degrees of Korea’s beautiful mountain views. Such features of the site could render the beautiful sceneries of a Korea’s beautiful mountain, which has been the main design issues how to put these and rebuild them into a commercial space. In other words, as a design not deviated from the surrounding sceneries but integrated into nature, we intended to compose the architecture as a new symbol of the national park.

Concepts The restaurant consisting of 3 floors can secure the terrace space separately used from respective viewpoints, opening to each axle of the mountain. The terrace is designed as a space for a sort of commercial space, where is extended areas for restaurants and the space enjoying the outside views. The areas for a restaurant and a cafeteria was assigned of their locations in type of the skip floor, through which the visitors can experience a variety of views and space feels by room, differently every time they visit. That is, the story-heights and the terrace locations differently assigned by room may form the motives differently feeling the space to the visitors every time they visit.

Skylight and Viewing The terrace - set up differently along the axles of the mountain - will be divided again through the light windows vertically the spectrum of lights, which means to attract the outside lights into interior and the activities taking place on the upper floor could be recognized in the lower area. Through such processes, air shall be ventilated by the natural ventilation system and, at the same time, re-built of its area by lights. If the terrace horizontally divides and links the space, the light windows will vertically divide it and cause the circulation of the lights and air.

Facing wall Exterior materials are made of the natural marbles in order to be read as a part of nature in the geographical context. That is, the yellow marble loaf is to be read as a natural symbol and a part of rocks through the architectural realization. In addition, we have tried to resolve the energy supply issues by using the geothermal system in consideration of the special energy demands for the commercial and residential facilities. High thermal insulation system and the use of high efficiency windows and doors, and the geothermal energy use could ensure its commercial activities more freely from the heating costs.

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LightingAlto Ltd
Anodized Aluminum LouverDaechang Metal
Window and door systemEagon
MarbleMB Marble
Product Spec Sheet
Anodized Aluminum Louver
Window and door system
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