Wellness Resort “Versmė“

Wellness Resort “Versmė“

Kristina Lastauskaite-Punde
Birštonas, Lithuania | View Map
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Leonas Garbačauskas

Wellness Resort “Versmė“

Kristina Lastauskaite-Punde as Architects

Wellness Resort renovation projectin Birštonas town (Lithuania) – renovated common spaces of the main resort building, aromatherapy area, library, recreation areas, guests’ bedrooms, health care rooms, areas and workplaces for staff. The biggest challenge was to work within old building framework - lacking opportunity to change the layout of building area constructed in the 70s. The aim was to customize the spaces as much as possible to contemporary needs and function, to give attractiveness to the resort interior, finding common component with the building exterior, history and purpose. Therefore, interior design solutions lightly echos the mid-century period, spaces revived for a new life.


Materials used:

  1. Flooring: vinyl flooring, tiles, carpet floor
  2. Doors:  wood-based décor panels


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